Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Let's Get Back to 50s and 60s Taxation 70 Percent on High Income

Yep, the one and only useful part of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary clinton.

Hillary Clinton the 70 percent taxation woman

Raise taxes on the wealthy starts at 2:10

2 of 4 - Hillary Clinton on The O'Reilly Factor - 4/30/08

Bill O'Reilly ...You're gonna raise taxes on the wealthy and you know what that is... income redistribution... that's why some conservatives don't like you...take from the wealthy give to the less affluent... and you know what that is... socialism... has a socialist component.

Clinton: Teddy Roosevelt, was he a socialist?

O'Reilly: Somewhat.

Say what. Somewhat. O failed us there. Why not just say yes, Roosevelt was a socialist!

at 3:20

So why don't we go back to the fifties and the sixties then go back to 70 PERCENT!

2 of 4 - Hillary Clinton on The O'Reilly Factor - 4/30/08

More of it all

Hillary Clinton and Wall Street
The Investment U e-Letter: Issue # 672
Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Wall Street: My Shocking Encounter With the New York Senator
by Dr. Mark Skousen, Advisory Panelist, Investment U

"Senator Clinton, one of the biggest concerns here on Wall Street is the worry that you and the Democrats will raise taxes. One of President Bush's success stories - perhaps the only one - is his 2001 tax cuts, especially the reduction of taxes on capital gains and dividends to 15%. As a result, tax revenues have risen strongly in the past three years and the Dow is at an all-time high. Senator Clinton, what is your opinion of the Bush tax cuts, and do you favor preserving and perhaps even lowering the maximum tax rate on capital gains and dividends?"

She spent at least the next 10 minutes responding.

"I would not raise taxes a single penny unless for a national purpose," she said. She then listed a half dozen new programs in which the federal government might need to fund.

Then she unloaded the bombshell: She was strongly opposed to extending the Bush tax cuts beyond 2010. In other words, income tax rates would rise automatically. And for investors, the capital gains tax rate would rise back to 20%, and the dividend rate to 30% or higher.

As to taxes specifically on capital gains and dividends, she said she was "agnostic" about the issue, adding that it was "not high on her list of priorities."

What a difference between her and her husband.

President Bill Clinton supported the capital gains tax cut in 1997, which helped fuel the bull market in the late 1990s. In late 1996, during the second presidential campaign, I spent half an hour with the president as his "running" mate (jogging with the president along a San Diego beach), and he told me about his support for relief to investors...

...After listening to her for an hour, I came away with the impression that she does not believe in her husband's statement he made 10 years ago, "The era of big government is over."

Not if Senator Hillary Clinton gets elected.

And that's good for gold and foreign stocks, but not for Wall Street… and most of us left disappointed. My recommendation: Buy the WisdomTree International Dividend Top 100 Fund (NYSE: DOO). It's headed higher...

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