Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rasmussen: Barack Obama 80% Chance Democrat Nomination

Megyn Kelly interviewing Scott Rasmussen.


Nomination chances

Obama 79%

Clinton 20%

Scott Rasmussen explains on Fox News: all the trends are leaning toward Barack Obama to take the Democrat nomination for President. Nomination chances for Barack Obama are over 80%.

Turning to discussion of the Electoral College and in the event of a match up between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Key nine states 101 electoral votes - too close to call.

Explained online in

Rasmussen Markets Update: Obama Now Overwhelming Favorite to Win Democratic Presidential Nomination
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
On the morning after his big victory in Wisconsin, Rasmussen Markets data showed that Barack Obama had a 79% chance of winning the Democratic Presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton’s prospects had fallen to just 20% (current prices: Obama : 80.9% Clinton: 19.2%). Those figures reflect a nine-percentage point gain for Obama--before voting began in Wisconsin, the markets gave Obama a 70% chance of victory.

Election 2008: Electoral College Update
Electoral College: Democrats 284 Republicans 216 Toss-Up 38

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