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Voter Registration: Ripe for fraud 2008

Based on past history, 2008 should be riddled with attempts of voter registration fraud. It's time for Pennsylvania county election boards across this state to do what they are obligated by law to do: clean up the inflated voter registration rolls of deceased, voters who have moved out of the county, possibly even the state, and/or potentially have dual voter registration in different states because of election laws that have lax residency requirements.

Voter fraud suspected in registration deluge
Sharon Spohn,

READING -- A backlog of last-minute voter registrations in Berks County is pushing the system to its breaking point, according to election officials.

Director of Elections V. Kurt Bellman told the Board of Elections Thursday that there have been flagrant attempts at voter registration fraud.

"It’s absolutely out of hand," Bellman said. "Not only do we have unintentional duplication of voter registrations but we have blatant duplicate voter registrations."

Bellman said groups conducting voter drives are coming out of the woodwork, something Berks County hasn’t seen before. He added that some of the drives are being conducted in violation of the law because they are paying incentives to sign up voters.

Commissioner Mark Scott suggested the Board of Elections conduct its own investigation that would be public rather than create more work for the district attorney’s office.

"I’d like the public to get more access to the details of fraud," Scott said.

Bellman said his office has had numerous calls from people who were registered through a group called the Association Communication Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), complaining that those taking down the voter information deliberately put inaccurate information on the form.

Bellman said he also received a batch of registrations from Citizens for Consumer Justice in Allentown that contained several hundred forms, including ones that have been held since July and ones with fictitious names and addresses and even wrong counties...

Investigation Needed in Election Programs
Reading (PA) Eagle
May 29th, 2005

The Issue: Because of errors in programming, 463 people in four city voting precincts will have to participate in a special election. Several races hang in the balance.

Our Opinion: Although no one is suggesting fraud, District Attorney Mark C. Baldwin should investigate the snafu and recommend how similar problems can be avoided.

With several primary election contests still undecided because of a mistake in the programming of some voting machines, it is time for the Berks County commissioners to answer a couple of questions...

...City Councilwoman Donna Reed, whose renomination in the 5th Council District remains in doubt because of the snafu, has called for an independent investigation into the programming glitch.

In light of some of the election irregularities that have taken place nationwide, Reed’s call for an independent investigation sounds like a good idea. And District Attorney Mark C. Baldwin would be an excellent person to conduct such an investigation.

Considering the complexity of the voting machines and their programming, it is somewhat surprising that these types of mistakes don’t occur more frequently. But when they do, it is important for the electorate to know that the error was inadvertent and not an attempt to tamper with the election.

We’re not suggesting that anyone attempted to do that, but an independent investigation would short-circuit any claims of impropriety that might arise and provide rec-ommendations to avoid a similar mistake.

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Phillip said...

You know that there has to be voter fraud in California.
The CNN exit polls show a dead heat in a pool of appx 970 voters. (less than 1% difference) Yet in every single county, Mitt Romney is down and he trails by 20 points. 35% reporting. This doesn't pass the smell test! It is mathematically impossible.