Sunday, May 25, 2008

RECOUNT Film Democratic Propaganda

Beltway Boys replay on Sunday morning, early, featuring Bill Sammon and Mort Kondrake discussed the new HBO feature movie: UNCOUNTED.

Sammon said he was the first to write a book about the Year 2000 Presidential Election.

The UNCOUNTED film is handfisted, over top, he said. Had the process continued, the NY Times review concluded George Bush would have won anyway.

Mort Kondrake said the process should have been allowed to go to Hhouse of Representatives and Bush would have won anyway but would have been by Constitutional means.

Well, neither of these award-winning analysts focused on the reason the United States Supreme Court had to step in:

to determine the Constitutionality of recount.

Recall, the initial recount started in three counties because the spread of the results were within the narrow percentage which permitted for a candidate to request a recount. In those three counties, as the recount got underway, the Gore team pressed for additional recounts in other counties because of reports of potential irregularities, including the butter-fly ballot which reportedly caused confusion.

Then, came reports of malfunctioning punchcard voting machines.

It was at that point, the Gore Team took their case to the Florida Supreme Court which in turn determined a state-wide recount could begin.

As the process got underway, it became obvious the recount was not uniformily conducted among all of the counties in the state of Florida, ergo, it was unconstitutional. Being unconstitutional, the recount had to end.

Period, end of drama.

The UNCOUNTED spokesman and actor Kevin Spacey admitted the film was offered from the one-sided viewpoint of the Democrats. He's a Democrat himself, he admitted in an interview.

He isn't going to trash his own movie, mind you, so that's as close to the truth as you're going to get.

But here is what the movie UNCOUNTED really is:

Propaganda. the manipulation of public opinion.


25 June 2001
Our current howler (part IV): Seeing no evil
Synopsis: Bill Sammon wrote an indefensible book. And Big Pundits know not to say so.
At Any Cost
Bill Sammon, Regnery Publishing, 2001

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