Friday, May 02, 2008

CNN FOX MSNBC Still Covering Rev. Wright While Borders Bombarded

Ongoing throughout the day, the cable news networks just can't seem to let the story of Rev. Jeremiah Wright go during any hour of coverage of the news.

Meanwhile, most in the media except for Lou Dobbs have also ignored the positions of candidates on the issue of "border security."

Bill O'Reilly asked guest Hillary Clinton how she would tackle sanctuary cities during a contination of the broadcast of his 4-part interview with the Democratic Party candidate seeking nomination to the Presidency. But O'Reilly began the interview with a question about Rev. Wright, and continued to press Clinton for an adequate response some many minutes.

Dobbs spent his entire hour yesterday on the fact the nation was celebrating Immigration Day instead of what the date was actually set aside for - celebration as Law Day.

Pro Illegal Protests and Marches; Honoring National Law Day; Immigration Politics
Aired May 1, 2008 - 19:00 ET

...DOBBS: Today's amnesty rallies sponsored by open borders and amnesty advocate special interest groups all hoping to catch the attention of the presidential candidates among others and all three of the principle candidates, Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain they supported the so-called comprehensive immigration reform bill that was killed in Congress just last summer. Today's demonstrators on Law Day are working toward their long-term goal, which is to set the amnesty agenda for the next administration and Congress...

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