Saturday, September 30, 2006

Is global warming a media driven myth?

Hysteria... says James Inhofe on Fox News Saturday this morning.

CNN made 8 accusations against Inofe, all in error, he says. Talk about hurricanes, polar bear population being affected, simply not true...

Inofe makes some comment about Kyoto, too bad Fox doesn't provide the full transcript.

US did sign on to Kyoto Treaty? I didn't think we did, or if former President Clinton did, President George Bush rejected and reversed that.

Site don't believe...

Inhofe: Global-warming scientists, media "doomsayers" and tools of "hysterical Left"
Posted by Bob Geiger at 12:36 PM on September 27, 2006...

Kyoto Treaty. Did US sign it? OK apparently, somebody "signed" the Treaty, maybe the United Nations US delegate? but Clinton didn't send it to the Senate to ratify it? Neither has President Bush...

Ratification. For the United States to ratify the Protocol, the treaty must be
submitted to the U.S. Senate for advice and consent, with a two-thirds majority
vote in the Senate required for approval. If the United States does not ratify
the treaty, it is not subject to its terms and obligations. President Clinton
has voiced strong support for the Kyoto Protocol, though criticizing it for not
including commitments for developing countries. The United States signed it on
November 12, 1998. The U.S. signature was criticized by several Members of
Congress who oppose the treaty on a number of grounds, including questions about
the scientific justification for it and about the likely economic impacts that
might occur if the United States were to attempt to meet its emission reduction
commitments in the treaty. In recognition of the opposition expressed in the
Senate by S.Res. 98,
which passed 95-0, to a Protocol that does not include requirements for
emissions limitations by developing countries, the President has indicated that
he will not submit the treaty to the Senate for advice and consent until
meaningful developing country participation has been achieved...

Not quite the whole story?

The United States signed onto the Treaty under the Clinton administration, but the Bush Administration has refused to submit it to the Senate for ratification.
kyoto treaty united states

It's a Protocol, not a Treaty? It's an amendment to an already signed Treaty?

Kyoto Accords Take Effect
February 16, 2005 · An agreement to fight global warming goes into effect Wednesday in much of the world. The Kyoto treaty was ratified by 140 nations, with some notable exceptions -- the United States and Australia did not sign the treaty. Signatories are legally committed to meeting emissions targets by 2012...

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