Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fayette long lines at polls hour waits

Word is also there was only a 30 percent turnout of voters in the county. (Laurel computer system website unofficial report)

Where's the article about the obscenely large lines in many Fayette precincts? What happened if there was such a low voter turnout - why were people such as myself waiting in line to vote and taking up to one-and-a-half HOURS to reach the electronic voting machines? OK the ballot was lengthy on the Democratic side, and there was a ballot question. In my experience of the day, 15 people were ahead of me and behind me. That translates to a good bit of disgruntled people over the course of the day.

How many people left the polling place when faced with standing for over an hour?

Hopefully, there will be a report from the election board on how the situation of such long lines can be averted come the November General Election, given the potential of a larger voter turnout because of independents and no party voters.

What about the absentee ballots? A seven vote lead in the magisterial district judge race isn't a solid win, exactly, until the official results are in...

Zapotosky, Vicites lead in commissioners' race
By: Amy Zalar, Herald-Standard
Updated 05/16/2007 02:43:35 PM EDT
Only one member of a Democratic team seeking two party nominations for Fayette County commissioner was successful in the quest Tuesday when Vincent Zapotosky was the top vote-getter, according to unofficial election results.

With 102 out of 103 precincts reporting, Zapotosky received 9,791votes and one of the Democratic nominations.
Incumbent Democratic Commissioner Vincent A. Vicites secured the second nomination with 8,672 votes despite a campaign push against him by Zapotosky and Sean M. Cavanagh.

Cavanagh, who had officially teamed up with Zapotosky late last month to form "The New Democratic Team for Working Class Families," finished behind Vicites and without a nomination. Cavanagh received 7,801 votes.

Zapotosky and Cavanagh had run numerous advertisements in the days leading up to Tuesday's municipal primary, criticizing Vicites, who is seeking his fourth term in office. Cavanagh is a former two-term commissioner who lost his bid for re-election to a third term four years ago...

Fayette Democrats give nod to Zapotsky, Vicites
By The Tribune-Review
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vincent Zapotosky and Vincent Vicites were on their way to winning Democratic nominations for Fayette County commissioner, according to unofficial results Tuesday.

Zapotosky, 43, is the director of administrative services at Douglas Education Center in Monessen, while Vicites, 46, is a third-term commissioner.

Republican incumbents, Angela Zimmerlink, 46, and Joe Hardy, 84, were unopposed.

With their election in 2003, Zimmerlink and Hardy gave Republicans their first majority in the commissioners' office since the 1930s...

Blair looks to have won nomination for district judge
By Josh Krysak, Herald-Standard
Updated 05/16/2007 12:15:15 AM EDT

With seven of seven Uniontown wards reporting late Tuesday, it appeared that incumbent Mark L. Blair earned the Democratic nomination for Uniontown Magisterial District Judge besting Uniontown Police Lt. Michael "Mick" Metros by a mere 7 votes.

Blair gained 375 votes for the Democratic nomination while Metros collected 368, according to unofficial results.

Former Uniontown police chief Ronald K. Machesky finished third on the Democratic ticket with 358 votes for the nomination after the bitter and hotly contested race.

On the Republican ballot, Machesky earned the Republican nomination, collecting 147 votes to 107 votes gained by Gary Altman and 84 votes garnered by Metros. Altman received only 169 votes in the Democratic ticket, while Blair collected 73 votes.

Other candidates included Dan Campbell, who garnered 88 votes on the Democratic ticket and 44 votes for the Republican nomination, according to unofficial totals and Brian Miller, who received 131 votes for the Democratic nomination, unofficial results revealed. Miller did not cross-file.

Election officials reported about a 30 percent turnout Tuesday across Fayette County.

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