Monday, February 25, 2008

Independent Agent of Change

Key variable to a Third-Party choice for the people is getting the candidate to the National Debates.

Too true.

Douglas Schoen on C-Span this morning. Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System by Douglas Schoen, available February 5, 2008

The thesis of his book may not be as valid as presented, however. The voters don't appear in any large numbers to be dissatisfied with the two-party "system."

They're often dissatisfied with the candidates selected, but the system, is not under attack at this time by political-party veterans.

Independents are fed up with the two-party majority system. Are they enough to mount a movement to open up ballot access to them?

We've believed for quite a long time now, the third-parties should have access in the same Primaries as the two majority political parties.

That's quite different than what the proportional vote movement is offering.

Schoen may be among those.

Wouldn't inclusion of all independent parties in the primary process be the agent of change the country needs?

All independent parties should hold their nominations at the same time as the Republican and Democrat parties and be able to participate in the Presidential Primary process across the nation.

That would give early access to the same process the two-majority parties enjoy.

That may be rebuked since the two majority parties enjoy incumbency-protection with the current system.

Cynthia McKinney will be the Green Party presidential candidate, for instance.

Who ran against her in the Green Party? Did the Green Party hierarchy choose her, or did the Green Party voters choose her?

How about a Libertarian Party candidate? How is that candidate chosen?

Should all parties show up on the ballot with a slate of candidates vying for the nomination from that political Party - during the same process afforded to the two majority parties, the country's voter turnout would increase dramatically.

see our comments on Lou Dobbs

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