Monday, January 29, 2007

Global Warming Report

World Net Daily Headlines

8-degree jump if pollution doubles?
Report claims evidence for man-made influence on climate now stronger than ever
--Agence France-Presse

Report: Warming means hunger, thirst for billions
U.N. panel report says rising sea levels could flood 7 million homes
--Agence France-Presse

Celebrities warn: 10 years to save planet
Launch 'Global Cool' effort to get 1 billion people to change habits
--London Sun

U.S. climate researcher: We've got 10 years left
NASA scientist urges action, but records show summer of '36 hotter than '06

Waxman says Bush officials 'mislead' on warming
Democratic chairman examining government's response to climate change
--Associated Press

U.N. agency presses for climate-crisis summit
'Emergency' meeting would focus on hunt for successor to Kyoto

2 new books: 'Global warming' natural, moderate
Publications say human activity not responsible for temperatures

13% of U.S. never heard of 'global warming'
ACNielsen survey chief claims heat-up 'happening and is here to stay'

Drudge Headlines

ALL-STAR GROUP: 10 years to save the planet...
COUNTER: Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity...
UN pushes for special climate summit...
Groups Allege Pressure...
Waxman pursuing White House over misdirection...

U.N. agency pressures Ban on climate crisis summit
By Daniel Wallis
Tue Jan 30, 9:59 AM ET
NAIROBI (Reuters) - The U.N. environment agency pressured Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday to call an emergency climate summit amid dire reports about the risks from global warming.

Global warming: rise of 4.5 C if pollution doubles, says draft report

Jan 30 9:44 AM US/Eastern

Earth's surface temperature could rise by 4.5 C (8.1 F) if carbon dioxide levels double over pre-industrial levels, but higher warming cannot be ruled out, according to a draft report under debate by the UN's top climate experts.
The draft -- being discussed line by line at the four-day meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -- grimly states that the evidence for man-made influence on the climate system is now stronger than ever.

International Group Prepares to Issue Global Warming Report
Aired January 29, 2007

Eiffel Tower to switch off lights as scientists finish major report on global warming
Associated Press Writer

Even the Eiffel Tower is out to save the planet.

Net the Truth Online finds

Don't Believe the Hype
Al Gore is wrong. There's no "consensus" on global warming.
Sunday, July 2, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

Climate chaos? Don't believe it
By Christopher Monckton, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:14am GMT 05/11/2006

Download Christopher Monckton's references and detailed calculations [pdf]

The Stern report last week predicted dire economic and social effects of unchecked global warming. In what many will see as a highly controversial polemic, Christopher Monckton disputes the 'facts' of this impending apocalypse and accuses the UN and its scientists of distorting the truth

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