Friday, January 26, 2007

Bitter Cold Unnoticed By Global Warmers

It's bitter cold all across America, yet global warmers don't jump on the facts. But wait when we have a warm spell - they'll pounce.

Rick Reichmuth of Fox News reporting Live on the weather throughout the day today.

Friday 4 A.M. Eastern

Arctic air continued to dive across the Great Lakes and into the Northeast on Thursday. With the absence of moisture and a low pressure center emerging from the south, the arrival of the arctic air was not accompanied by a massive snowstorm. The Northeast and Great Lakes, however, were not void of snowfall on Thursday. As the arctic air spread southward, light accumulating snow fell across the eastern Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic states. Frigid winds, which have and will continue to create bitterly cold RealFeel temperatures into Friday, howling across the mild Great Lakes allowed places downwind to experience more impressive snowfall totals. As of 11 p.m. EST Thursday, a foot of snow had blanketed both Meadville, Pa., and Harbor Beach, Mich. Despite the return to winter, most areas over the eastern two-thirds of the nation are still averaging above normal so far this January. The rainfall across Florida was definitely welcome as the rain did not fall too heavily to cause flooding problems; and, enough rain came down to lessen the rainfall deficit across the state. Besides a clipper system that sent a touch of snow into the Upper Midwest late in the day, dry weather prevailed across the country's midsection underneath an area of high pressure. A large bulge in the jet stream also allowed rain- and snow-free conditions to expand across most of the Western states. Trapped moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere caused low clouds and fog, some freezing, to loom over the valleys of the Northwest. A pesky upper-level storm, however, grazed far southwestern New Mexico with some rain and mountain snow showers. Another upper-level storm brought a bit of rain to northwestern Washington.

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