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Chris Moore battles Rev. Jesse Peterson over Rev. Wright

PCNC Honsberger Live with Chris Moore discussing Hagee and Wright with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

The title of the topic is Has Jeremiah Wright Derailed Obama?

The pair in part discuss the beliefs Peterson details in SCAM

Watch the rebroadcast at 4 PM. We agree in part with Rev. Jesse Peterson, individual responsibility, a foundation of victimhood in the approach of many on the left and particularly among liberal African Americans who have risen to positions of influence.

But Peterson overplays and leans far too heavily himself condemning the viewpoints of others who may have a different approach to solutions, and he mistakenly equates Rev. Wright with Barack Obama's approach.

Obama has made himself pretty clear in his belief of the individual's responsibility to take things upon himself and contribute. We'll pull that up as we listen to the Honsberger Live broadcast with Chris Moore hosting.

Peterson condemns Rev. Wright, Moore says, but not Hagee. What Wright said, according to Moore, if you kill innocents God will damn you.

How is that different than what Hagee says, God has cursed America.

Peterson says there is no comparison with the two.

Peterson says most black men lack moral character... says NAACP and others just want the government funding for programs... where is outcry about lack of character... a shame Faracon and Rev. Wright...

Moore disagrees strongly...

Caller: a lot of black people do believe in God, not all...

Don: Rev. Wright and his complaints, you had other people treated bad, Jewish people, Italian people...

Moore: and they still complain, too, never let it go... yet blacks are supposed to get over it.

Peterson: may not get over it, but keeping their communities safe, not waiting for a racist org like NAACP, or Jesse Jackson.

Moore: see why you're the darling of the conservative media, you point at the victims, it's their fault.

Peterson: we did what we could do, black folks aren't victims, they're victims of civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson

Moore: Who are you supporting?

Peterson: I'm a conservative Republican. Not supporting anyone at this time.

Moore: What about John McCain

Peterson: Not supporting anyone, not a conservative Republican, not the other two...

Peterson: turn away from Jackson, NAACP

Moore says finally he agrees with Peterson on people taking individual and personal responsibility, but when he says most black people don't he disagrees...

Catch it at 4 PM

One would think, given Peterson's comments to Moore, that Peterson would see what many see in Barack Obama.

Someone who has said exactly what Peterson has said. But Peterson may be blinded by the tag liberal, since he remains a conservative Republican.

One thing Obama has in his favor, he has accumulated an impressive amount of supporters from the conservative Republican ranks, including a decendent of President Eisenhower.

Obama has spoken here and there about personal responsibility. We're finding just a smattering, but there is more out there.

but keep in mind, Obama's version of responsibility gets a nudge from government, a nudge Obama still believes is an absolute necessity.

That's where we part from Obama. The more government involves itself in our lives, the less free we are, the more constrained and restrained we become, and the more dependent, not independent we become lulled into.


McCain Endorser Pastor John Hagee: God Curse and Doom America
By Bruce Wilson Wed Apr 30, 2008

"As a nation, America is under the curse of God, even now." That ominous slam at America came from Pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement Republican presidential candidate John McCain sought, secured, and recently affirmed to ABC News that he is "glad to have." Hagee claims God's "curse" and "doom" is upon America because of two key issues: reproductive freedom and broad support for the teaching of the theory of evolution.

Although Senator McCain recently told George Stephanopoulos in an interview that his seeking of Hagee's endorsement was "probably" a mistake, he then doubled back to affirm his approval of Hagee's endorsement, stating, "I'm glad to have it."

If McCain did not know of Hagee's belief that God is against America, he should have: Hagee's pronouncement of God's "curse" and "doom" on our nation was not a passing comment. It was a major theme of Hagee's book, Day of Deception (1997). In fact, Hagee devotes a whole chapter to it...



Rev. Jesse Peterson website

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Presidential hopeful says ‘Government can’t do everything’ when it comes to raising a good society
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Obama, 46, told a packed Wilkes Hall in Pennsylvania, US to “turn off the television, turn off the video games”, adding that "Government can't do everything".

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