Monday, May 19, 2008

George Bush Misleads in Answer about Obama Meant in Appeasement Quote

MSNBC interview one-on-one with President George Bush.

Bush is asked point-blank about his speech and whether he meant Obama in his comment about some who would try appeasement with Iran.

in front of the Israeli parliament, you said neg with iran is pointless and said it was appeasement. Were you referring to Senator Barack Obama, he certainly thought you were.

Bush says: my policies haven't changed, but apparently the political climate has people need to read the speech you didn't get it exactly right either what i said was we need to take the words of peope seriously and when the leader of iran says he wants to destroy Israel, you have to take him seriously and when not taking them seriously that harkens back to a day when they weren't taken seriously...

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer during an interview with Mitt Romney last week reported White House officials traveling with Bush had noted the passage Bush would make in his upcoming speech in Jerusalem did include Obama among the "some" referenced as appeasers...

So Bush didn't answer the question in a direct way, leaving it up to believers to believe and others to smile.

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