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Hillary Clinton Past Remains Closed

We agree with Paglia. The media has yet to really dig deep, so deep, into the Clintons' past and find what has been there all along.

We've postited will there be something the Clintons try to use in the way of their psychological warfare (first noted by Carl Bernstein) that will further attempt to erode Barack Obama's ability to engender a belief in change, a real belief, one that people actually act upon?

If that happens, the Press may have no other option than to bring out the bathroom toilet of the Clintons' past, one that includes names like Tucker, McDougal, Foster, and more...

How is it that Hillary Clinton's chief spokesman can get away with it? Lying outright? The Press obviously wants to keep the illusion going - Clinton has an opening, she really really does. Watch our programs for all the coverage of this race... the numbers aren't there, or are they?

Not only has McAuliffe lied, the Democrat Party leaders in the state of Florida have lied. The state representatives considered a measure to revamp the voting machines in the state, replacing them with paper ballots and optical scanners, and along with that included an amendment to alter the date of the Primary.

State Democrat Party leaders were well aware of sanctions that could be imposed, in fact, measures that could automatically be imposed on candidates who campaigned there as well in violation of national Party rules.

Yet, Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the entire bill. Another option they had was to hold their own election, and pay for it, and forego having the state apparatus hold the Primary. In other words, the state Democrat Party could have held their own election on the later date and suffered no penalties or punishment.

Yet, most of these same representatives attempt to point blame on the Republican Governor for signing the bill, and the state Republican representatives who tagged the amendment onto a bill designed to replace voting machines with paper ballots.

Why are they getting away with this? The Press doesn't want the dust to settle, they'd enjoy a revote, or retraction of penalties for Florida and Michigan so the race would become a bit tighter than it already is.

While we don't agree with everything posted at Democratic Underground, take a look at one extremely informative post

Madfloridian's Journal
On national TV Terry McAuliffe misleads about DNC rules. A former chairman should not do that.
Posted by madfloridian in General Discussion: Primaries
Mon May 12th 2008, 11:03 PM
It is not honest, and it is not fair to the party.

Terry McAuliffe was on Face the Nation last Sunday. While on there he did not tell the truth about the party rules.

He brushed Schieffer's statement off. Just shrugged it off. Then he flat out lied on national TV. He said the rules only said 50% of the delegates can be stripped. That is just not true. He knows it is not true.

Florida knew the rules when they voted 115 to 1 with the Republican in the legislature. They knew what they were doing.

The 50% strip of delegates is automatic without a vote of the rules committee. Since Florida openly defied and went before the comittee and said they acted in good faith...they were stripped 100%...well within the rules...

Net the Truth Online

She won't go easy
Hillary will likely fight to the bitter end -- but she should be grateful the media let her off so easy. Plus: A Soap Opera legend, a disappearing Stevie and the Cream still rises By Camille Paglia

Republican operatives have been salivating for Hillary to be the nominee. Her vainglorious claim to have been fully "vetted" is ludicrous. She and her husband left a mountain of manure in Little Rock and Washington that hasn't even begun to be thrown. The mainstream media, despite its tilt toward Obama, has been amazingly protective of the Clintons during this campaign. Where were the chronologies of the voluminous Clinton scandals that voters (especially young ones) needed to evaluate Hillary's professional judgment and character? That the conservative Washington Times has now begun to make document drops about Hillary's stonewalling and duplicity (such as over the Rose Law Firm billing records) suggests that Republicans have concluded her candidacy is kaput.

Surely, given Hillary's claim of expertise on the basis of her service as first lady, every major or ambiguous episode in her husband's two presidencies should have been systematically reexamined by the media. I for one have renewed questions about the 1993 suicide of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, Hillary's former law partner and longtime friend, whose files were purged by Hillary's staff before they could be examined for evidence. One must always be skeptical about Web rumors, but my interest was piqued last year by claims that Foster was shattered by the role he had played three months earlier in the outrageous order for federal agents to attack David Koresh's ranch at Waco, Texas, producing a conflagration that led to 76 deaths, including 21 children. Why has the Waco fiasco been forgotten? It triggered the worst case of domestic terrorism in U.S. history, the 1995 revenge bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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