Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama Ahead Superdelegate Count

267 Obama to 265.5 Clinton(half point represents delegates abroad)

It's official. Barack Obama is ahead in the popular vote, ahead in the committed delegate count, and now ahead in the Superdelegate count according to NBC and MSNBC just moments ago.

After the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries, Barack Obama picked up 9 superdelegates to Clinton's 2 superdelegates.

With another couple entering his side officially today, Obama has overtaken Clinton in superdelegates.

1867 is the amount of overall delegates who've announced or are committed to Obama.

Net the Truth Online

Obanatakes the lead in superdelegate count
(CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama has surpassed Sen. Hillary Clinton in the race for superdelegates, according to CNN's latest count.

Obama on Monday picked up an endorsement from Tom Allen, a Maine representative and U.S. Senate candidate.

Clinton Campaign Appears Doomed as Obama Takes Over Superdelegate Lead

Clinton's Argument That She's More Electable Is Eclipsed by a Growing Conviction Among Superdelegates That Obama Is the Clear Choice of the Voters to be the Democratic Party's Nominee -- and That Their Choice Should Not be Overturned

by Skeeter Sanders

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