Monday, April 30, 2007

Tax-Free Homes Question for County Commissioner Candidates

Who among area candidates for county commissioner would make a motion to decertify unfair tax-free Keystone Opportunity Zones? In one area of Fayette County, a Keystone Opportunity Zone has already been designated which contains zoning for residential, single family homes. Fay-Penn Economic Development Council owns the property, and apparently has been in negotiations with a developer to construct houses in the $400,000 range, and up, in the tax-free zone.

Faced with the KOZ designation ending in 2013, it's reasonable to wonder whether Fay-Penn would seek an extension of the KOZs for a longer residential development process.

So among the primary questions to the commissioner candidates in Fayette County - should a resolution be presented to you, would you authorize an expansion or extension of KOZ for the area of the county which contains residential zoning?

Party loyalty at issue in Fayette election
By Chris Foreman
Monday, April 30, 2007

For background material on Fayette Keystone Opportunity Zones and Crystal Springs development plans


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