Monday, October 15, 2007

Glenn Beck unconvinced man causing global warming

Heard the Glenn Beck comments first-hand so the transcript appears to be dead-on accurate. But you do have to re-read. At first hearing, it appeared Beck agreed to "maybe man is causing global warming." Upon further reading the transcript, it appears Beck paraphrased what others say "maybe man is causing global warming."

I don't think Glenn Beck will be following in the footsteps of Reason Magazine's Ronald Bailey with a conversion period that leads to acceptance of manmade global warming, according to Bailey in his 2005 article, We're all global warmers now.

We're All Global Warmers Now
Reconciling temperature trends that are all over the place
Ronald Bailey | August 11, 2005

See sidebar posting Special Focus: Global Warming Issue

Speaking to James Hagee about signs the end times are here, Beck asks Hagee specifically about global warming...

Hagee says he doesn't believe in global warming.

Beck asserts he believes global warming is happening, but he is unconvinced of man's contribution or causing global warming.

Beck can settle the matter for all of us. He should have the author of the book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, Christopher C. Horner, on (again) but immediately after an invite to Ronald Bailey.

He should then have Al Gore, and follow that up with Michael Crichton.

He then should interview Chris Matthews, followed by Dr. John Christy.

He should invite Anderson Cooper and then invite Don Easterbrook.

Corner Lou Dobbs, then invite Timothy Ball

Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide
Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?
By Timothy Ball Monday, February 5, 2007

See where we're going with this.

Beck's the only one who can present one side in one interview and a dose of the other side in a follow-up interview.

He as well as the rest of us should beware of hidden messages - however - subliminal messages - they are everywhere.

BECK: Do you believe that global warming is a possible sign?

HAGEE: I don`t believe in global warming.

BECK: You don`t believe the earth is getting warmer?


BECK: Really?


BECK: No changes?


BECK: OK. So what is the -- what is the next sign? I mean, you know, I believe it`s getting warmer. Science tells us it`s getting warmer. I don`t believe man is causing it. I don`t believe that -- maybe man is causing it. I`m not convinced of that. I definitely don`t think we can solve it.

But I mean, the earth is constantly cycling. We`ve seen forever that it gets colder and warmer and colder and warmer.

HAGEE: I`m certainly for clean air and clean water, but I have books in my library written by very responsible people up into the middle 80s were talking about the ice age, where Canada was supposed to be a block of ice right now.

And now we`re talking about global warming, and I think the Kyoto Treaty is really nothing more than something to manipulate the economy of the United States.

BECK: It`s global -- it`s global socialism. Quickly, we`ve only got a minute. So give me the next one.

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