Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pennsylvania: Election Code Matters

Changes some things, particularly regarding canvassing of absentee ballots.

ACT 44 (SB 999, P.N. 1790, May 12, 2006) -- Amends the Election Code with the following new provisions: 1)increasing the minimum pay for poll workers to $75 for judges of elections and inspectors of elections, and $70for machine operators; 2) requiring counties to find an alternate polling location for private residences andlicensed liquor establishments that are used as polling places unless there is no other alternatives; 3) requiringnotices regarding voters’ rights and instructions for voting to be posted at polling places; 4) requiringadvertisement of polling places no later than 20 days before the election; and 5) making additionalspecifications regarding canvassing of absentee ballots.

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