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State of Brainwash: Ronald Bailey

It is becoming clear. Ronald Bailey has been brainwashed after attending a United nations global climate change conference sometime before August 11, 2005.

Bailey is in a State of Brainwash. He's repeating and repeating and repeating We're all global warmers now... evidence of brainwashing... wherever he goes and whatever he is asked...

See previous posts which have led to this conclusion

Bailey appeared as a guest on Jim Lehrer program, August 4, 2006. The panel was discussing global warming. Bailey joined the group in progress, so there was a recap by Brown and then a question was posed to Bailey:

RONALD BAILEY, Reason Magazine: I'm delighted that the television goblins let me get to you finally.

JEFFREY BROWN: OK. We were just talking about the political conversation, where it stands now. We had mentioned earlier that there was this meeting in California between Governor Schwarzenegger and Tony Blair, a conversation in the public, in the media, a conversation in the business world. Where do you see things? Where do you see things shifting and how?

RONALD BAILEY: Well, basically I think that we're all global warmers now, that it's essentially going to be that we've all agreed that there is a trend toward a warmer planet and that humanity is, in fact, contributing to that trend.

Without really addressing the question at first, Bailey said:

"We're all global warmers now."

That exact phrase is what Bailey uses as the title of his August 11, 2005 piece in Reason Magazine noting a reversal of his long-standing position challenging global warming.

"We're all global warmers now."

Over a year later, on the News Hour program, it didn't matter what question Bailey was asked, watch the video part 2 at 3:04.

"we're all global warmers now..."

Scary, isn't it?

We're All Global Warmers Now
Reconciling temperature trends that are all over the place
Ronald Bailey | August 11, 2005

Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up. All data sets—satellite, surface, and balloon—have been pointing to rising global temperatures. In fact, they all have had upward pointing arrows for nearly a decade, but now all of the data sets are in closer agreement due to some adjustments being published in three new articles in Science today.

People who have doubted predictions of catastrophic global warming (and that includes me) have long cited the satellite data series derived by climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH)

Originally Aired: August 4, 2006
Deadly Heat Wave Reignites Climate Change Debate

A front of cool air moved over the East Coast Friday, bringing an end to a record-breaking heat wave that started last week in California and is blamed for nearly 200 deaths. Climatologists discuss the debate over the Earth's changing weather...

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Just rereading the comments to the Adler posting.

It's the only piece I can find to date that discusses at least Bailey's later article Confessions of an Alleged ExxonMobil Whore Actually no one paid me to be wrong about global warming. Or anything else. Ronald Bailey September 22, 2006

wherein Bailey defends his past and disclaims any financial interest for the position he once held... plus we'd welcome showing up on the Volokh trackbacks, hope they'll will point right to this page, State of Brainwash: Ronald Bailey...

Jonathan Adler, September 23, 2006 at 6:33pm] Ron Bailey Comes Clean

Science writer Ronald Bailey, a longtime skeptic about whether global warming presents an apocalyptic threat, responds to charges that he and other climate "skeptics" are nothing more than paid stooges for evil corporations. As Ron notes, his longtime skepticism of the climate threat can not be explained by his financial interest...

Came across this piece January 1, 2007!

Senator 'trashes' climate meeting November 17 2006 at 11:20AM

By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent

Washington - The United States Senate's most vocal global warming skeptic, James Inhofe, on Thursday dismissed a United Nations meeting on climate change as "a brainwashing session."

Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican who will step down as chairperson of the Environment and Public Works Committee in January, told a news conference, "The idea that the science (on global warming) is settled is altogether wrong."

A majority of scientists, many in the US government, accept that global warming is spurred by human actions and the emission of greenhouse gases. President George Bush said as much in July at a summit of industrialised nations.

Inhofe said he acknowledged that the planet is warming but disputed those who attribute it to human activity and the emission of greenhouse gases. Instead, he blamed climate change on natural cycles.

As an example of UN brainwashing at this week's climate change meeting in Nairobi, Inhofe held up a children's book he said was distributed at the gathering, called "Tore and the Town on Thin Ice."

He said the book, the tale of a fictional young Arctic villager who becomes aware of global warming when his dogsled crashes through thinning ice, relies on disputed science.

"This is paid for by the United Nations and it's brainwashing little kids," Inhofe said...

Recall: Ronald Bailey attended the conference...

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