Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton Losing Reasons to Vote for Her

Chris Matthews panel discussed the dynamics of women voters voting for Hillary Clinton, because she is a woman, and African Americans for Barack Obama because he is African American. They're bantering over indications the white Texan male won't vote for Hillary Clinton, because she's a woman.

Jill Zuckman says it right.

If Hillary were another woman, she might have more support among white men (in Texas).

We were thinking the same exact thing today. All of the talk how Hillary Clinton might not win the Presidency, and that would in some way set back the prospects for women to "break" the "glass ceiling" is a sad statement that's politically motivated.

Now everybody is supposed to feel sorry for Hillary Clinton because she's a woman and she isn't winning and they better vote for her because it might take decades for another woman to make it as far as Clinton?

How silly an argument is that.

If Hillary Clinton loses the Democrat nomination it's because she's Hillary Clinton, and there's a better candidate than her in the end.

(Net the Truth Online)

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