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Buchanan: Hillary Clinton Comment Not Malicious but Unthinking

Just what we need an unthinking President, awakening at 3 AM in the morning, not caring to check her facts before she speaks or acts on behalf of this nation in a matter of life or death. Or one who misuses past historical events - misstating the facts of events - to convince someone of her position or her bravery in the face of danger.

We're not saying Clinton should get out of the race before June 1st - the date of Peurto Rico's 'presidential preference' election, or before June 3rd, when Montana and South Dakota votes.

Nobody has said Clinton should drop out, or few have said that, according to Keith Olberman's list of items he says the nation (or Democrats) have forgiven her for before now.

She should stay in with her comments based on misstating facts tagging along.

It will be interesting to see if the remaining voters lean her way in larger, or smaller, numbers.

Read our posting we followed up on a lead first noted to our knowledge by Anderson Cooper on his programming Friday evening. He flat out said Hillary Clinton was wrong about her husband's campaign in 1992... Anderson Cooper (get the transcript) says Clinton was actually wrong about her husband's campaign in 1992, he had the nomination sewn up before then. In 1984, it was different and went into June...

Cooper edged into his introduction by stating Clinton was wrong that her husband's campaign in 1992 had gone into June.

COOPER: It's worth mentioning here that what Senator Clinton said about her husband isn't actually true. Bill Clinton had the primary all but sewn up long before June of 1992.

The 1984 primary campaign truly did run into June. So did the 1980 primary, with Jimmy Carter losing a string of races to Ted Kennedy. In her apology, she made no mention of Barack Obama, you might have noticed, as Joe Johns pointed out. He's received early Secret Service protection because of death threats.

Digging deeper, CNN's Candy Crowley, Tony Perkins at the conservative Family Research Council and author of "Personal Faith, Public Policy," and Jennifer Palmieri, a former Clinton White House staffer and John Edwards '04 campaign staffer...

We also followed up on the Drudge Report's notice Friday stating the 1968 campaign didn't begin until March... that Primary was only 3 months long... and Kennedy was assassinated June 5...

What struck us: Hillary Clinton either didn't fact check before she made the references, or she disregarded the facts and used those two examples to support her premise presidential campaigns could run into June without a clear nominee.

either way, she's discredited herself.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
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Maps and Charts

Take a look at the fundraising chart - it claims Clinton has more funding by some 20 million.

Open Secrets

N/A for amount raised numbers for amount spent

Totals by Quarter

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Clinton campaign debt $21 million not $31 million

Obama closes in on Democratic nomination 2008-05-21 14:08:06
Special Report: U.S. presidential election 2008 By Yang Qingchuan


It is still premature for Obama to declare himself the Democratic nominee at this point, but he is approaching that goal by nearly every measure.

He has won 32 of the past 53 Democratic primaries and caucuses, versus Clinton's 21.

He has won more popular votes, as the votes in Michigan and Florida are not counted in punishment for the two states' violation of Democratic Party election rules.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to pull in the backing of superdelegates, which is necessary to formally put him ahead in the Democratic contest.

Among the superdelegates, many former Clinton supporters are switching to Obama.

Even in national polls, he is expanding his lead against Clinton.

The latest Gallup poll shows Obama is currently favored by 55 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, to Clinton's 39 percent.

He also has a huge advantage in terms of campaign finance.

Obama's campaign reported Tuesday the Illinois senator raised more than 31 million U.S. dollars in April, with 37 million dollars of cash on hand.

That is in sharp contrast to the 21-million-dollar debt of the Clinton campaign, which is unwilling disclose how much cash is on hand.

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RazBerryBeret (1000+ posts) Sat May-24-08 12:13 PM
Response to Original message
193. THIS is all I'm sayin':

In the context of Obama, Clinton's words broke a double taboo, because since the beginning of his candidacy, some of Obama's supporters have feared that his race made him more of a target than other presidential hopefuls. Obama was placed under Secret Service protection early, a full year ago.

To be unaware that one's words tap into a monumental fear that exists in a portion of the electorate -- a fear that Obama's race could get him killed -- is an unusual mistake for a serious and highly disciplined presidential candidate.

Hillary's Nonsensical, Historical Excuse for RFK Assassination Crack

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