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Glenn Beck Show Global Warming Report Downgrades Man's Impact

CNN 's Glenn Beck introduces the topic of the UN's report on global warming by stating the report includes details that show "man's impact on the climate is on the decline..."

Beck interviews guest Senator James Inhofe

U.N. Warns of Global Warming
Aired February 2, 2007 - 19:00:00 ET

Anyway, I am really sick of saying this, but here goes. I agree that the earth`s climate is changing, but I`m not convinced that man is responsible. At least not yet, anyway. But that could be about to change.

Today, U.N.`s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with their new report that many will point to as the definitive smoking gun that man is responsible for global warming, despite some details that shows man`s impact on the climate is on the decline. Hmm. That seems like an inconvenient truth.

You`re not going to hear that on very many places. Well, you`re going to hear it from my next guest a lot. Republican senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe.

Senator, the report, fact or fiction?

SEN. JAMES INHOFE (R), OKLAHOMA: Oh, it`s all fiction. Here`s the big day, Friday, you know. Here we are with the report, that fourth assessment of the IPCC.

But I want to make sure that your viewers out there are aware that it`s the United Nations that started this whole mess and almost every bad thing that gets started gets started by the United Nations. They`re the ones ten years ago who brought this thing in, and now that the scientists are leaving their side and saying, "No, it`s not man-made gases that are causing this," they`re starting to panic.

So they`re getting even -- but I`d like to say this one thing about today`s report. This is not the report. This is the fourth assessment, and this is the summary for policymakers. And this is not scientists. Keep in mind, these are just the ones who want to propagandize this thing.

Can I read something real quick?

BECK: Yes.

INHOFE: This is found on page four of today`s report. It says, "Changes in scientific work to ensure consistent see with this summary where policymakers will occur."

What they`re saying is, it doesn`t matter what the scientists say, because they`ve already made up their minds. And they`re going to have in this report things that scientists didn`t say but things they want to you believe.

BECK: OK. So they`ve changed some things and downgraded, as I see it, for instance. The sea level.

INHOFE: They have. I`ll tell you what`s funny about that is that, well, the sea level, yes, they`ve cut the reduction or lowering of the sea level in half. But they also have downgraded man`s contribution by 25 percent.

You won`t hear that from Barbara Boxer and all the liberals on the left and out there in California. But they have downgraded that.

They`ve also come up with other things in the report that are actually fairly accurate. But they never talk about those things.

BECK: So wait a minute, I don`t understand this. How can they say they`re now -- they were 66 percent sure. Now they`re 90 percent sure man is the cause of all of this stuff, yet, they downgraded man`s contribution by 25 percent. Can you make...

INHOFE: Glenn, the math isn`t right. And my wife, we used to be a math teacher, and she`s trying to figure that out, now, too.

BECK: So, why is it, George Bush, just this last week, was with the State of the Union, he says global warming is happening and we need to find out -- we need to reduce and reuse and recycle and all of this stuff. Why is he jumping on the bandwagon? Does he believe it or is this politics?

INHOFE: First of all, I don`t think that`s an exact quote, because what he said -- and I was very careful to listen to this -- he never talked about capping trade. He never talked about reducing CO2 to reduce man-made gases.

What he did do is say recognizing global warming. That`s probably the most benign statement he could make to make a few people happy. I don`t think he should have done it because I know what his true belief is.

BECK: Yes, but if you look at what the U.N. has said, they said a lot of the U.S. was very, very helpful on this report. Why is it we`re very helpful? If we don`t buy it, why are we helpful? Are we just playing politics?

INHOFE: Well, if you look at the individuals on this report, the ones -- again, the policymakers, not the scientists, they`ve come out with things that are totally contradictory. We`ve already talked about a couple of them.

But it`s also the U.N. that came out just last week and said that gases coming from livestock are contributing more to the CO2 than man -- all the automobiles, SUVs, the trucks and other man-made gases. So again, that`s another contradiction. But it`s one that you won`t hear them talking about.

BECK: Stephen Harper has come out in Canada, the prime minister, and said, this is -- this just a giant shift of wealth. You agree with that?

INHOFE: Well, here`s the -- let`s talk about him. He`s the prime minister up there in Canada. He was the one, in -- remember, the 60 scientists who had advised him to sign on to Kyoto ten years ago? They are now saying, and this is their quote, that if we had known then what we know today about the science, we would not have signed on to Kyoto and we would not be a part of it. And they are now trying to get the prime minister to withdraw from this or the next Kyoto.

BECK: OK. Senator, thank you very much for joining us. We`ll be back in a minute.

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