Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Past Obama Wins Show White Voters Not Inherent Problem but Geographic

Norah O'Donnell had it exactly right this morning before she pressed on with guests who muddled things up per usual.

Norah said the Clinton wins are not showing a problem with white voters that is "inherent" to Barack Obama, but is a reflection of geography.

And Obama's latest victory in Oregon coupled with many of Obama's past wins show the truth of Norah's commentary.

We knew we'd find confirmation for you.

Net the Truth Online

Obama the front-runner
Feb 13th 2008

Barack Obama's momentum

But Mrs Clinton is running out of good reasons for why she should lose so many different states and by such big margins. Virginia voted for Mr Obama by 64% to 35%. Maryland went to him 59-37%, and Washington, DC, by a whopping 75-24%. Virginia, especially, is hard to ignore. Its demographic mix is not too different from neighbouring Tennessee, which Mrs Clinton won handily on Super Tuesday. It sends over 80 delegates to the summer’s nominating convention. And although not usually considered to be a swing state, the suburbs of Washington, DC, and the capital (Richmond) are growing more Democratic, giving the party a hope of snatching it from its usual place in the Republican win column come November.

Moreover, Mr Obama won nearly every significant group: among men and women, church-goers and church-avoiders, liberals and moderates, the well and the less educated. He nearly tied with her among white voters and took 90% of blacks. Most polls had predicted Mr Obama would win; none said that he would win by 28 percentage points.

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