Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pair Proposes National Political Party "Unity" Ticket Virtual Convention

Mix and Match the two-majority parties, or an Independent party and one or the other of the two-majority political parties, that's the proposal of a team of former advisors to former Presidents of the United States.

C-Span 7:45am - Doug Bailey & Gerald Rafshoon, Unity ’08 Founders Council, Members

Well now, I would applaud the Unity08's efforts to form a third-party on a national level. But I can't.

I strongly do not accept the idea of combining the two-majority parties together into a unity party.

- the political philosophies of the Republicans and Democrats are supposed to be different, and in many respects they are, but unfortunately there is a growing faction of the Republican Party in power in DC that has twisted basic Republican ideals to the point of non-recognition.

Should that faction of the Republican Party join with a faction of the Democrat Party into a Unity Party, and gain a foothold in a Third-Party, the United States is doomed to more intrusion on individual rights and trampling on the U.S. Constitution.

A clear Third-Party choice is needed on the national level, and states must open up the political election process to include a way for other parties to have ballot access. (This can be done statutorially, and does not necessitate a PA Constitutional Convention).

The clear Third-Party choice should be one founded upon individual rights and the inherent and natural rights guaranteed by our Constitution, and should clearly proclaim the United States is a republic, not a democracy.

It's just too bad that this unity08 group is offering to combine the two-majority parties.

Otherwise, I'd pull for them. I can't. Beware.


Guests on C-Span's Washington Journal

Geral Rafshoon, former communications director to President Carter

Doug Bailey, former media advisor to President Gerald Ford

They are about taking our country back, says Bailey. They are going to organize online for volunteer delegates and hold a nominating convention online for candidates for President of the United States.

Caller suggested they should take a cue from American Idol...

Bailey said they are going to have a virtual convention hall, and have a convention, and attempt to put the ticket onto the ballot. The parties of every state make it difficult. They have lawyers in every state researching ballot access laws. Currently, they have campaign coordination on about 70 college/university campuses.

They will have an online election for the Presidential "Unity" Party candidates...

We’re a movement to take our country back from polarizing politics. In 2008, we’ll select and elect a Unity Ticket to the White House— one Democrat, one Republican, in whatever order, or independents committed to a Unity team. We want you to join us - and you don't have to leave your party to do it.

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