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Hillary Clinton Shame on You Rewriting History Equal Obama Rejection VP Offer

60 percent in a Quinnepac poll would want Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's running mate? Who was polled? All Clinton all the time voters.

That's who.

It's simply ludicrous for Obama to even consider the politics of the past as part of his own message when he has been so outspoken about his vision based on change and a break from the tactics used in past politics.

Consider 67 percent of West Virginia Democrat voters voted for Clinton vs 26 percent for Obama. Realizing even with that win in her column she has little chance of capturing Obama in amount of committed delegates, poll takers had no other option than to say sure they'd like to see Clinton as Obama's VP. The 60 percent is down just 6 points from the percentage of those who voted for Clinton.

It would be disastrous for Obama to select Clinton as VP after all is said and done.

She's done everything she can to turn people away from Obama, whereas Obama has been overall inclusive of her and her supporters, and respectful of Clinton all along.

Maybe one time he was disrespectful, when Clinton came out and made the statement, "Shame on You," later Obama mocked that comment with one of his own: Shame on you.

Her chastisement of Obama in that way is the only reason needed for Obama to dismiss any offer to her to become his VP.

Clinton has equivocated if not outright lied about her support of NAFTA during her husband's administration. That she supported NAFTA then in comments made around the country at that time is well-documented.

To claim otherwise is rewriting history.

The tendency of the Clintons to do exactly that, simply adds another reason for Obama to outright reject any notion the Clintons can play a role in his Administration.

And absorb any of Clinton's self-inflicted campaign debt? Who came up with that gem of an idea.

If even a dime of contributors' hard-given monies goes to pay off Clinton debts, Barack Obama can just call himself no different than what he's supposed to be fighting against, the same old same old politics of the past, and what Rendell - Gov of PA once said a few months back - to survive to get things going your way you have to kiss ass, yep, Rendell actually said it.

And that's what Obama would do if he accepts either notion of Hillary as his VP or paying off any of her debts.

CNN discussing how Obama would help out Clinton on her debts, but so far, not a word from Obama on the idea.

See what the media is doing? Attempting to put that idea in our minds so we think less, not more of Barack Obama.

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updated 9:11 p.m. EST, Sat February 23, 2008
Clinton tells Obama: 'Shame on you'; Obama fires back

Clinton jabbed the air with her hands as she told a crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, that two Obama mailings spread lies about her positions on universal health care and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"Shame on you, Barack Obama," she said...

...Obama denied Clinton's assertions that the literature was false.

"There's nothing in that mailing that is inaccurate," he said, adding that he was puzzled by the sudden scrutiny since the mailers had been around for days, if not weeks.

"We have been subject to constant attack from the Clinton campaign, except for when we were down 20 points. And that was true in Iowa. It was true in South Carolina. It was true in Wisconsin, and it is true now," Obama said.

He described Clinton's anger as "tactical" and defended his campaign.

"The notion that somehow we're engaging in nefarious tactics I think is pretty hard to swallow."..

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