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Vickers Many Conspiracies Might be true not global currency?

A CNBC guest Damon Vickers was later invited onto the Glenn Beck Program to review his particular statement:

“If the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that,”

CNBC Report

With video of the exchange on CNBC's Asia Squawk Box

Dollar Will be "Utterly Destroyed": Strategist
Published: Friday, 6 Nov 2009 | 3:09 AM ET Text Size By:

On CNBC, Strategist Says Dollar Will be ‘Utterly Destroyed’; We Are Moving Toward ‘New World Order’Posted by Ralph Bernardo on November 18, 2009

Beck used the clip as an introduction to his guest, Damon Vickers, wondering why Vickers wasn't asked about the statement then and there.

Beck says he was dumbfounded the CNBC host didn't ask anything about New World Order... currency crisis, etc...

segment with Beck questioning why the CNBC host didn't ask anything about world government or new world order...

Beck says he thought he'd invite David Vickers on his own program.

Vickers noted the trends were disturbing...

What was astonishing, later during the Beck interview, Vickers made a statement at once denying conpiracy theories about his comment - a global currency and world government and a new world order - etc - he noted he was a guest on the Alex Jones program where a couple of conspiracy theories were offered, said many of the theories might be true, but in this case... the market forces are likely to cause a realignment of currencies! Possibly world government is inevitable, too?

Alex Jones interview Damon Vickers

Alex Jones audio/video interview Damon Vickers (listen intently to Vickers when Jones makes remarks)

comments about Jones/Vickers

By the way, listen and watch the Jones interview... see how Vickers comments people are afraid of change...

However, our focus remains on the comments Vickers made on Beck's program. He said he'd been a guest on Alex Jones program yesterday (Nov. 16) and he heard a couple of the conspiracy theories by Jones. He told Beck many of these conspiracy theories might be actually true.

Our response, why didn't Beck stop Vickers then and there and demand to know which Jones' conspiracies he thought might be actually true then? Which are not? And Beck could have asked how can Vickers ever know for sure that true unfettered market forces and not manipulation of market forces cause the realignment of currencies, global currency, global government, and new world order he envisions?

Transcript Nov. 27 rebroadcast Glenn Beck from Nov. 17, 2009

start here at 5:28


Glenn Beck: what we are doing right now is we are spending ourselves into oblivion


Beck: are you familiar with the Cloward Piven strategy

Vickers: no it sounds great


Beck: no it doesn't you gotta look this up. cause you would understand this. Look up Cloward Piven strategy... a radical marxist idea that came out of Columbia University... telling you it's being employed right now... the idea is you want to change the culture in America you want to change the government... you want to overthrow the Constitution... you don't do it with guns... you don't do anything like that... if you want a redistribution of wealth what you do is you collapse the system...and then it has to restart...that's what's happening...overwhelmingly...

Vickers: I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, I had the benefit of doing the Alex Jones show last night... and I heard a couple of them and I'm not disputing that many of them might be actually true...but market forces are likely to take...

Beck interrupts: you don't need a conspiracy theory

Vickers: But the market forces are likely to take us there anyway... the dollar is way too high, and other currencies are way too low... what you are likely to see is a realignment of currencies...our debts are too huge... no possibile way that our labor forces can compete globally on production services... when we come up with a great idea... maybe we would elect to make it here... but now they are immediately making them in...Mexico and Bangladesh...

(transcript Net the Truth Online from video of Beck interview with Damon Vickers) and AOL.UK

Glenn Beck Transcript includes segment wherein Beck says "you don't need a conspiracy theory."

Say what, Beck? You don't need a conspiracy? Say that again and again, and maybe people will believe you don't need a conspiracy to accomplish a collapse of the (financial) system and to overthrow the Constitution?

What you've described in just a few sentences... if you want to change the culture, if you want to change government...if you want to overthrow the Constitution...

you don't need guns, Beck said.

No you only need some way to "redistribute the wealth by collapsing the system and then it has to restart!"

Not a conspiracy?

Oh it will just happen because it well just will?

What makes Beck look unfortunately like a question-mark himself at this point?

He mentions the Marxist idea that came out of Columbia, tagged the Cloward-Piven strategy, and informss his guest Damon Vickers, this is happening, look it up - this is happening - then he offers a way to obtain the redistribution of wealth (envisioned in the radical Marxist theory that came out of Columbia University?) is by collapsing the system but then Beck denies any evidence of a conspiracy (theory) to accomplish this feat?

Just read one book by Grenville Clark World Peace Through World Law

World Law. World Government. New World Order. Not a conspiracy, right.

Beck lost us a few times before this, but this exchange is the height of his continued irresponsibility.

It's like Beck doesn't want to go too far - evidence of a conspiracy - one that would collapse the system in order to 'redistribute the wealth' - by such as manipulation of the stock market, manipulation by the Federal Reserve of the banking system, and so on - but he wants to put the idea in our minds - the fear - of the potential for a collapse of the system with the goal to redistribute the wealth.

As to his exchange with Vickers, Beck didn't even get out of him why market forces would likely result in a realignment of currencies... and world government no less.

In other words, Beck failed to poke and prod Vickers on the original statement Vickers made and by the end of the interview session we are no more informed about Vickers' statement than before he appeared on Beck's program.

This is more than disappointing given Beck's monologue and interjection wherein he allows "you don't need a conspiracy theory."

Vickers doesn't explain at any point other than to note what has been happening - companies are making more products and taking their production enterprises to lower wage countries... like Mexico and Bangladesh - that's where the companies go now - first... he said, something that hadn't happened before?

Say what? Hasn't happened before? Such has been happening in recent history after the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed, sealed and delivered by the U.S. under Bill Clinton.

Wonder what is Vickers' opinion of NAFTA and CAFTA, etc.?

We'd bet he doesn't see any conspiratorial linkage there, right.

Meanwhile, don't miss the discussion about Beck's reaction to Vickers.

Here's where we wonder what interview did this person watch?

Beck tries to portray economic collapse as engineered in order to bring about world government (a la Alex Jones), while the person he interviews, Damon Vickers, downplays the conspiracy theory version of things.

Actually, it was Beck who agreed with Vickers: "you don't need a conspiracy theory."

so in fact, Beck did not try to portray the economic collapse as one that's engineered a la a conspiracy to bring about a new world order.

On the other hand, a review of Alex Jones interview with Vickers shows Jones is not remiss in outlining exactly what the conspiracy is and has been to create a problem or a crisis, turn an about face, and present a solution. Invariably, the solution gives more power to some, curtails rights of the masses, and eradicates freedom.

At this point, we can't disagree with the sentiments expressed about Glenn Beck - he's inconsistent and watch out. We also highlighted Beck's acquiescence on the issue of encouraging a second federal Constitutional Convention a while back.

Aj Show - Damon Vickers - Nine Points Research, Child of Elite gives NWO sales pitch!
Posted: Nov 17 2009, 02:24 PM
Listen to Monday, November 16, 2009: (Start Time 2:08:00)

Net the Truth Online

Transcript appears to be missing the section we've highlighted

Glenn Beck: No follow up question?

But here we find

Damon Vickers Mentions Alex Jones On Glenn Beck Show
November 18, 2009

In response to Beck’s assertion that Obama and crew are using the Marxist Cloward–Piven strategy to collapse and reformulate society, Damon Vickers mentions the “conspiracy theories” of Alex Jones. Vickers appeared on Alex’s show on November 16. The following video was taken from Beck’s show that aired on November 17. Vickers makes the comment at five minutes, 58 seconds into the video.

Alex Jones site video Nov. 16, 2009 guest Damon Vickers

Worth a read,_Oligarchs_Moving_on_African_Union,_Population_Reduction/18049/0/2/2/Y/M.html


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