Monday, February 25, 2008

Lou Dobbs: Hope They Are All Wrong: Identity Politics

Lou Dobbs was in top form this evening. Don't miss the transcript.

The Latest on Campaign '08
Aired February 25, 2008

Discussed ethnic and racial 'identity' politics with Bill Sneider, and a followup panel which included:

Doug Schoen Declaring Independence author
Mark Halperin The Way to Win author
Prof. Carol Swain Debating Immigration

We made a post concerning Schoen in Independent Agents of Change

Larry Elder author of Stupid Black Men, later says the same categories were voting for Hillary Clinton before, now they're voting in increasing numbers for Barack Obama.

We agree with Dobbs. Hope they are all wrong. Why aren't women voting for Hillary Clinton - now they've switched to Obama?

Simply, as we presented before, they do not like her as a President.

Why aren't white men voting for Hillary Clinton - now they've switched to Obama?

Simply put, as before, they do not like her as a President.

This is a woman who will use psychological warfare to obtain the Presidency of the United States of America.

And the psychological warfare observation about the Clintons is coming from Carl Bernstein.
CBS Poll: Obama Surges Ahead Nationally
CBS News/NY Times Survey Finds Obama Opens Up 16-Point Lead; Also Leads In Head-To-Head Match Up With McCain

...The former first lady has lost her advantage among women, according to the poll: The two leading Democrats now have even levels of support among female primary voters.

Men, meanwhile, disproportionately favor Obama. He leads Clinton among male Democratic primary voters 67 percent to 28 percent, and leads among white men 61 percent to 33 percent.

Fifty-nine percent of Democratic primary voters said Obama has the best chance of beating likely Republican nominee John McCain in the general election. Twenty-eight percent said Clinton is most likely to win in November.

Obama is now seen as the likely Democratic nominee: More than two-thirds of Democratic primary voters said they expect the Illinois senator to win the nomination...

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