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Climate of Fear

Glenn Beck: Exposed the Climate of Fear

Hilarious there has not been any more warming of the planet for ten years (a little under, nine years) says the Skeptical Environmentalist author on Beck's program...

but after reading and re-reading do not miss the fact that it isn't President of the United States Al Gore is sweating for, it's President of a New World Order. Don't believe? Just read the original United Nations Charter and material put out by the World Federalists. It's been going on 15 years since I've learned about the plan for a new Constitution of the World. A smattering of my research ongoing, at Truth Online, includes bibliography.

Bloodless Revolution: A More Perfect Treason

Al Gore You Tube video testimony Congress

clip and re-read again and again in the early dawn

Aired April 5, 2007 - 19:00:00 ET

BECK: At this year`s Academy Awards, Al Gore got nothing by love, riotous applause for his efforts on behalf of Planet Earth. Well, unfortunately for Al, those days seem to be over. The real story is, Al Gore is still getting a vocal reaction during his appearances to warn all of us about the apocalyptic effects on, you know, the warming of the globe, but nowadays the cheers have been replaced with boos, and not just from the right, but from the left, as well.

As I give you this story, I`m going to try really hard not to gloat, but I`m not making any promises. Concordia University, it`s in Montreal, Canada -- remember, Canada, a university. They just gave Al Gore an honorary doctorate. And during his address, he was stopped twice by angry cries of dissension and disbelief from the crowd. Sacrebleu, in Canada, really?

Gore responded by saying, "I don`t know if you guys are from the left or the right wing." You know why that is, Al? Because both sides now know you`re full of bull crap!

Those on the left who do agree with the perceived immediate dangers of global warming think you`re a hypocrite. Not only does your palatial mansion use more electricity in a month than the average American home does in a year, but the meat-eater that he is also contributes to cattle emissions, which are infinitely worse than driving a fully loaded Hummer.

Now, that`s not my opinion. That`s the opinion of those crazy conservatives at the U.N.

Now, those on the right have long believed that, you know, something is going on with the Earth`s climate, but it`s impossible to deny that so much of Al Gore`s science is unsubstantiated and his doomsday language is just out of control and counterproductive.

Even the "New York Times" has said that Al Gore is writing checks that his research couldn`t cash. Usually the only thing you find out about Al Gore in the "New York Times," love letters.

Al, the world is onto you. Your self-promotional, politically motivated science fiction -- I say, forget, you know, the diet, grow the beard back, invite your old friends, Ben and Jerry, over for a little reunion. The jig seems to be up!

Chris Horner, he is the author of the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism." Chris, aren`t you absolutely shocked that the mainstream media didn`t pick up a story about protesters at Al Gore`s speech from the left?

CHRIS HORNER, AUTHOR: Well, wait a second. It took the "New York Times" about 15 months to pick up on the fact that his movie was pure science fiction before they found some scientists who were willing to say this, so I expect in another year or so they`ll figure out that maybe it`s worth reporting, because we`ll figure out -- in about a year, it will be almost 10 years since we`ve experienced any warming, Glenn. You have to remember that it hasn`t warmed since 1998.

Maybe on that anniversary that they will notice that, in fact, some college students jeered him. And the reason that`s odd is -- you`re noting he does tend to now speak only before reliably left-wing audiences, sure, but typically elites.

College students may come from the elite strain, but they aren`t yet there. They haven`t figured out that his agenda is really about other people. They realize they`d like to create wealth, and he`s going to make it quite difficult for them.

BECK: Let me go -- because you said it`s been 10 years, almost 10 years, been nine now since we`ve experienced any warming in the globe. Let me show you that we seem to have collective Alzheimer`s. From the "Washington Post," greenhouse doomsday, the year is 2035. Phoenix is in its third week of temperatures over 130 degrees. Holland is under water. Bangladesh has ceased to exist. This is not science fiction. It`s based on current projections.

At what point do the projections start to catch up on them?

HORNER: Well, when they assign years to them. I believe that article assigned 2035, so back then it was a long time in the future. Right now, remember, Al Gore has been saying for nigh on five years that we`ve got 10 years to live, so pretty soon, you know, those chickens are going to come home to roost.

BECK: I don`t know if you saw this, but in "USA Today," I think it was yesterday, the lead story in the "Life" section was scientists say it`s too late, it`s too late to turn this around.

HORNER: Right.

BECK: I thought, "Well, I should go buy the Hummer then."

HORNER: That`s when the schism starts in the movement, because at that point, the funding drives up. What`s the point? Remember, Glenn, we spent $5 billion with a "b" researching this that`s purportedly settled and now it`s too late. Why don`t we spend the money productively to help with adaptation, which is how successful societies have always dealt with something that they always face, climate change.

BECK: Chris, thank you. I want to leave you with one quick quote here. It is from "Discover" magazine. "We have to offer up some scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and little mention of any doubts one might have," "Discover" magazine, 1989. Seems like the playbook...

And there's more re-read late night to keep you laughing

That`s "The Real Story" tonight. And in the spirit of equal time, I want to give Al Gore a chance to respond, and I mean this sincerely. Here it is.


AL GORE IMPERSONATOR: I want to talk to you today about global warming. We all know the dangers it presents, so I`m not going to try and scare you. I`m just going to present you with the facts.

Here`s fact number one. If you don`t act soon, the Earth will suffer many, many explosions! Deaths! It`s going to be Hell on Earth. Your skin is going to bubble. You`re going to burn alive, and you`re going to be dead, dead! So dead you won`t even believe how dead you are!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This message brought to you by the Committee to Keep Al Gore`s Ongoing 2012 Presidential Campaign Secret.



Beware of Newt Gingrich watch closely what he says... April 10 debate...

Don't have to warn of Kerry, he can't tell the difference between a joke and a slur...

Kerry, Gingrich announce climate showdown
By Jeremy Jacobs
April 05, 2007
Former House Speaker and possible presidential candidate Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and 2004 Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) are set to square off on climate change next week, their staffs announced Thursday.
The debate, hosted by New York University’s John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress, will take place next Tuesday, April 10, at 10 a.m. in the Russell Senate Office Building.

Kerry, who bowed out of the 2008 presidential race earlier this year, has been dubbed an “environmental champion” by the non-partisan League of Conservation Voters. His website touts a long record of fighting for the environment. He and his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry also recently wrote This Moment on Earth, which addresses climate change and preserving the environment.

"Newt’s a guy who has spent a lot of time wrestling with climate change and the environment. He reads about it, he teaches about it, he writes about it,” Kerry said Thursday. “We don’t see eye to eye about everything, obviously, but that’s what makes for a good debate.

“As a father, when someone tells me that within the next decade, if we don't deal with global warming, our children and grandchildren may deal with global catastrophe, that tells me I damn well better do whatever I can to help make Washington deal with this responsibly,” Kerry added. “We need these good old-fashioned debates and forums and discussions to get everyone thinking creatively on both sides of the aisle.”

Gingrich, the architect of the “Contract with America” that led to the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, recently teamed up with conservationist Terry Maple to author A Contract with the Earth. Like his Contract with America, A Contract with the Earth, due out Nov. 1, 2007, is based on a 10-point “contract” calling for a bipartisan approach to solving climate issues.

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