Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MSNBC Mika to Write Book Six Years Out

Mika B. hosting MSNBC's Morning Joe in the absence of Joe Scarborough awaiting the birth of his baby (blissfully for us absent Joe hasn't been on the set for near a month. We can only hope the MSNBC execs see the light after Scarborough's inarticulateness when face-to-face with Democrat Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during a May 5 interview. Scarborough had been critizing Obama since his rejection of the Clinton (and McCain) gas tax holiday proposal.

Scarborough thought the holiday was a great idea. He continued to remark Obama was an elitist, out of touch with the regular person, well Joe. But when the opportunity arose to hammer Obama on the spot, Scarborough simply failed to take advantage of the opportunity even once.

With Hillary Clinton who followed in a separate on-air interview, Scarborough failed to ask how clinton's plan to basically determine the amount of profits oil companies would receive (and use the remainder to pay for the holiday) was different from "socialism" taking from those who have and giving to those you've determined are in need?

Scarborough just sat through the interviews as if it was a coup to just have the pair of Presidential contenders on his program one after the other.

Mica B. co-host has been relatively adequate over this month. We were ready to call for the Morning Mika show to replace Morning Joe.

Then came a day when Mika B. had opportunity to provide us with news we could use, and she didn't. Yet, we want to give her at least a chance at this new role for her.

She does have a unique background grounded in history in the making by grandfather and father throughout her childhood and into adulthood.

So we suggest the title of her book she's preparing to write in six years should be

Mika's Most Momentous Moments

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