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George Bush: Talk About Hypocrisy Not Talking Terrorists

Just as suspected, Bush talking to all sorts...

What's a terrorist, what's a freedom fighter?
Americans' responses to violent groups are hardly uniform. Take the Irish Republican Army and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
By SUSAN TAYLOR MARTIN, Times Senior Correspondent
Published December 12, 2005

From blarney to Sinn Fein bluster
March 29, 2005

In recent years Adams has been a guest at the White House on St Patrick's Day, welcomed by Bill Clinton and then George Bush. This year Bush refused to meet Adams, choosing instead to welcome the sisters and partner of Irish nationalist Robert McCartney, who was murdered by the IRA during a pub brawl in Belfast in January.

The snub was bipartisan, involving leading Republicans (including John McCain) and Democrats (Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy). Also, the word went out from Washington that the Adams visit should not be the occasion for Sinn Fein fund-raising.

Busted by past phone calls

Bush phones Sinn Fein leader to help revive N. Irish peace process
xinhuanet. ^ | Nov 29 04 | xinhuanet

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2004 12:37:58 AM by churchillbuff

US President George W. Bush on Sunday telephoned the leader of Northern Ireland's main Catholic party Sinn Fein, which is seen as the political wing of Irish Republican Army (IRA), in a bid to help revive the deadlocked peace process in the province.

Local media quoted the White House as saying that Bush spoke to Gerry Adams from Air Force One as he traveled back to Washington after ending his Thanksgiving holiday in Texas.

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