Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clinton Plight Leads to Call for Winner Take All Primary

If only the winner take all way of doing it had been in place this election, the claim is Hillary Clinton would win the Democrat Party nomination for President.

think again. Not necessarily. Campaign styles would have dramatically changed. John Edwards was still in the race early on, remember. Edwards could have won a few states, and possibly more. Maybe a couple of others, Dodd and Kacunich would have decided not to run at all, or possibly have pulled out earlier, leaving a field of three, earlier.

More debates would have been held where John Edwards and Barack Obama would have been under more pressure - winner take all - act like a winner - to perform and Clinton would have had to release all of those documents relating to her "experience" when she was First Lady.

Her fabrication about sniper fire in Bosnia when she and her daughter landed there would have been outed earlier, and received far more news coverage. In addition, the remaining candidates would have had far more to bring out about the Clintons than has been done to day because - winner takes all - act like a winner is in play.

A winner-take-all Primary is not a more democratic process.

In fact, it is just the opposite.

The proportional distribution of delegates enables the little rural areas to have as much clout as the large urban areas in a state.

Areas are weighted according to other factors including population and demographics.

Why would the Democrat Party want to change that at this point?

They won't.

The Clintons lost their clout immediately after West Virginia's Primary where Hillary Clinton won by a "landslide."

Reason they lost clout? Barack Obama gained superdelegates which netted him more delegates after his smaller amount from WV were included, and Barack Obama showed he can weather the most difficult of travails in such a race.

News media headlines pummelled him after WV. Pundits have brought up only one aspect of his loss - he failed to capture over 20 percent of the so-called white blue collar hard-working Democrat voters in WV, so there goes the Presidency.

Yet, after all of the negative, Barack Obama comes out of the storm to capture even more elite superdelegates to Clinton's, and another prized supporter, John Edwards!

Now who wants to dispute that Barack Obama made the best decision of his campaign to stay out of West Virginia because he knew he would not be able to cut into Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton's legacy there.

Kentucky may be similar to WV in many ways. Going into the state, Clinton has little to crow about as anything she says from here on out about white, hard-working Kentucky voters will be heard for what it is.

The message John Edwards sent the day after Clinton's landslide pull-out there was exactly the message needed to be sent at this time.

Enough, Clintons, enough. That kind of talk ends tonight.

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