Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PA Public Education Should be Abolished

Though I object to a PA Constitutional Convention being called and held, for reasons I've expressed here throughout, in the event of such a convention being held, the first item I suggest for elimination is:

The Public School System.

Article III Section 14

The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.

Has anybody really thought about the implications of maintaining a system of public education to SERVE THE NEEDS of the Commonwealth.

To serve the needs of the state.

It's no wonder the Pennsylvania educational system run by money-grubbing administrators many of whom make more than the state legislators is in such a shambles.

The focus isn't on the child becoming all of the individual the child can be, but on the child serving the needs of the state of Pennsylvania.

But seriously, if an election of delegates to the convention were held, does anyone believe a candidate espousing elimination of the public monopoly over education - failure that it is - would have any chance of endorsement?

I doubt it. The public is too dependent on the system of education funded through taxpayers' monies.

To sideswipe such a candidate, the political machine in every district would groom a "citizen" to look, talk, and act like a regular citizen and win the delegate spot.

Don't think it can happen? How naive. Ever wonder why the same type of school board directors end up in office. Not one ever calls for consolidation of school districts, merging of districts into a county-wide system which would be more cost-efficient. Not only that, look into the hirees of any school district and you'll surely find relatives and associates of school board directors employed in some capacity.

The most egregious is when positions are created specifically to rehire a retiree as a consultant or some such usually at astronomical salaries for less than one-year of full time employment.

Sick public school system - needs to go.

But it wouldn't need a convention to get rid of it. Just an overwhelming public outcry from the taxpayers - we're still waiting.

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