Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vickers Lays Out Global Currency Road Beck Nods

Disappointing segment of Glenn Beck's so-called interview of Damon Vickers. Odd the last few seconds some 90 seconds and Beck is not listening? It all just goes right on by his head? Actually, Vickers is not adverse to the global currency. He sees it is a real possibility and he isn't warning us Glenn Beck. In fact, he's informing us this is what must happen because the dollar is too high and the other currencies are too low in relationship to the dollar - that is unsustainable.

Maybe Glenn just doesn't want to get it?

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Vickers comments after his appearance... says nothing... not surprising... he let the conspiracy uh cat out of the bag and now he can't talk anymore about the cat uh conspiracy uh cat...

uh wait, Vickers thinks something is up? Some sort of plan? No, he thinks not? What's he really thinking?

Global Balance
by: Damon Vickers
Updated 3:09 pm EDT November 09, 2009

I made some comments in Asia last week that went, -well... Global. We are moving towards a point in time where the unit labor cost differentials.. -the cost of making a toothbrush in the US vs China/Vietnam/ Ecuador must come to a juncture, otherwise we have no means of paying our global debt. Witness rising unemployment. -Now maybe that's the plan all along? I dunno.We can get our house in order or there may be a new order of things on the way... new currencies.. new govts... etc. _The Tape will Tell.

clip transcript

Glenn Beck: No follow up question?
November 17, 2009

Glenn: So, Damon, I've only got 90 seconds and less than 90 seconds and I'd like to have you back and talk about some other things, but give me the biggest warning sign, something that we are going to see in the future that you say, if you start seeing these things, you're if trouble. We've only got about a minute now.

Vickers: Well, nobody's in trouble if they do the right things and the right things is not to own dollars but, well, here's how it could happen. You'll find you may come in on a Monday morning, Glenn, and you may find out the dollar is down not just a percent but down maybe 10, 15 percent overnight and it's not just the dollar. It's also the pound because if it happens like that, it will be a domino effect.

Glenn: Yeah.

Vickers: It won't just be one currency. It will be multiple currencies. What the governments will then do is they will rash shun up interest rates to try to support the dollar. You may see interest rates go up 5, 6 percent in one shot. I think that when that happens, what you'll also find is that even though they have raised interest rates, it still doesn't support the dollar. Then you get, I guess, a meeting of, perhaps, the G 20.

Glenn: 10 seconds.

Vickers: To try to come together to try to formulate some kind of a plan and that plan will probably be some kind of new global currency...

No other segment of the Nov. 17, 2009 interview with Vickers is in transcript form on Beck's site that we can tell.

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