Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama within sight untouchable absolute majority delegates

According to Obama campaign email and website.

Barack Obama is just 17 elected delegates away from a majority...

At the start of this race, there were 3253 elected delegates at stake in primaries and caucuses across the country. After winning 32 of 49 contests, Barack is within reach of an absolute majority.

We believe that the winner of the majority of elected, pledged delegates should and will be the Democratic nominee.

Site Math

Total Pledged Delegates: 3,253

Pledged Delegates needed for a majority of pledged delegates: 1,627

Total delegates needed for nomination: 2,025

Edwards Pledged Delegates who are now Obama Delegates:7

Obama Pledged Delegates:1,603

Obama Super Delegates: 293.5

Obama Total Delegates:1,903.5

Delegates Obama needs for a majority of pledged delegates: 17

Obama need to secure the Democratic nomination: 121.5

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