Friday, May 16, 2008

USA Today: McCain Connected Arizona Land Developer Fed Purchase

Let's see if the mainstream media picks up on this piece after some of the appeasement controversy dies down for the evening, at least.

USA TODAY -- Action by McCain helped Ariz. land developer: "Sen. John McCain secured millions in federal funds for a land acquisition program that provided a windfall for an Arizona developer whose executives were major campaign donors, public records show. ... McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers said the senator's ties to SunCor had nothing to do with his support for the project. The Air Force had a legitimate need for the land and asked for money to buy it in a March 2002 budget planning document, Rogers said in an e-mail."

Update at 10:15 a.m. ET. The McCain campaign objects:

"This story is absurd," McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers says in a statement he just e-mailed to reporters. "This project was requested by the Air Force and supported by virtually everyone in Arizona -- Democrats and Republicans, Governor Napolitano, the entire Congressional delegation and scores of local leaders -- but that's not even mentioned in this story. It's shameful."

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