Thursday, January 11, 2007

state official violated English-only voter information law

Iowa: congressman sues over multi-lingual voter information
AP reports: Iowa Congressman Steve King and hard-line immigration advocates are suing Gov.-elect Chet Culver for allegedly violating the state's official English law by distributing voter information in several languages while serving as secretary of state.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in state District Court, also names incoming Secretary of State Michael Mauro, charging he placed voter information on his official Web site in Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese and Laotian. ...

Culver aide Brad Anderson rejected the charges, saying that state election law requires officials to aid potential voters in registering and casting ballots. ...

The issue first surfaced last fall when King wrote a letter to Culver charging that the English-only law requires all government proceedings to be in English. He said Culver was breaking the law by posting voter registration forms in foreign languages on his Web site.

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