Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MSNBC Mika Challenging FOX 'n Friends CNN American Morning

All by herself, Mika B. is walloping the two other cable news networks in the morning slot since Joe Scarborough remains in Florida awaiting the birth of his baby.

What they are not discussing even with Craig Crawford: Obama brilliant strategy to remain out of two states, West Virginia and Kentucky, where he had absolutely no chance of winning, and where polling was so one-sided to Clinton's advantage he would have potentially only gained 1 or 2 points on Clinton as the Primary approached.

clinton won WV's Primary by 41 percent and Kentucky by 35 percent.

Take a look at Pennsylvania, where Obama over a month-long period closed a 20 point edge of Clinton down to 6 percent with two-weeks going, and you see the strategy Obama and his Team cleverly used.

2-weeks out from the PA Primary April 22, Obama closed the gap to 6-points and held that steady for the entire 2-week period. This was throughout the Rev. Wright controversy, after Obama rejected Wright learning of his Press Club speech and Q and A session, and after his comments about bitter small town Pennsylvanians!

The results of the PA Primary: Clinton won, but only by 200,000 votes, and her win was not - repeat not - in the double digits as had been reported the day after.

Clinton won only by 9.2 percent. Supposedly, some amount of voters had not made up their minds until election day. Sure they didn't - we believe that.

9.2 percent in a state where Gov. Ed Rendell supported Clinton for the past year and a half and longer if you retrieve some youtube videos of their appearances together over the years, and since his public support announcement for her, he traveled the country with her and Bill Clinton and he appeared on every morning, noon, and evening talk program pushing for Clinton in Pennsylvania.

Down from 20 percent plus in just under one month of Obama's time.

The numbers simply were not moving accordingly Obama's way in WV 2-weeks out. While Obama obviously spent monies on TV and Internet ads, he refrained from stumping on the ground in dozens of town-hall style meetings.

What were his chances of gaining even 5 more people to attend a rally to at least get the possibility of ten people in the room? Not very great.

Same with Kentucky.

All the pundits are missing the message in the tea leaves.

Mike Barnacle and Pat Buchanan on MSNBC 'Morning Joe' (where Joe is for us, blissfully absent for the past 2-weeks he should be outed as Hypocrit Joe which we'll do shortly) analyzed and analyzed the results in Kentucky and Oregon and pondered the fact Obama was missing a chance to bring home more Kentucky voters by not visiting the state.

They all discussed the demographics of Kentucky and Oregon.

80 percent white voters went for Obama in Oregon. Oregon made up of 85 percent whites, while Kentucky made up of 89 percent white. In Kentucky, meanwhile,

Then it appeared to dawn on the pair simultaneously after Buchanan said Clinton has a swath of wins along the Appalacian region, the poor white folks there, uh blue collar hard-working Americans.

Barnacle gave a look over at Buchanan after his analysis that said uh just why is that. Someone said: Are they voting for Clinton or against Obama? Maybe it was Mindful Mika.

Barnacle said: hmm against Obama

Buchanan said: hmm wonder why

The camera just happened to be turned on the pair of them at the time. Maybe they didn't think anybody would notice, or get the implications.

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