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Dobbs: Clear Concensus on Global Warming

CNN Lou Dobbs presents a report on the global warming issue and at least includes a video clip of Dr. William Gray.

Get the transcript (Feb. 2, 2007)

Unfortunately, Dobbs doesn't listen to Gray, ignores any debate on the report, and says he wonders how the policy will move forward now that there is a clear concensus on global warming.

Dobbs obviously just doesn't keep up - there isn't a clear concensus.

Lou Dobbs tonight
U.N. Report Warns of Global Warming

Aired February 2, 2007

...And an alarming new report on global warming finds the damage could last for centuries. Is any of it reversible? What should we do? We'll have that special report...

A dire warning tonight from hundreds of the world's top scientists. They say mankind is responsible for global warming. Urgent action is needed to prevent catastrophe that could last for centuries. The warning comes in a long-awaited United Nations report.

Lisa Sylvester has the story.


LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): European tourist attractions turned off the lights for five minutes to highlight the release of a new report on global warming. The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said human activity is directly responsible for global warming.

ROBERT WATSON, CHIEF SCIENTIST, WORLD BANK: When we run our cars on gasoline, we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it spreads around the globe and it acts like a blanket, and it causes the earth to warm up.

SYLVESTER: Polarized sheets are melting at a rate of nearly 10 percent every decade. The most significant loss has occurred in last four years. The IPCC report estimates sea levels could rise by as much as two feet, as the climate warms by 3 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit this century. Hundreds of experts from 40 countries contributed to the report. Still, there are skeptics who say the results are overblown.

WILLIAM GRAY, COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY: If these models were so good, they would be predicting next season. The reason they don't, because they don't have skill at that range. But they tell us what's going to happen 50, 100 years from now.

SYLVESTER: The Bush White House opposes mandatory carbon dioxide caps, and in 2001 pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol regulating emissions. Critics criticize the administration at acting at the behest of large oil companies.

ALDEN MEYER, UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS: The principle source of global warming pollution is oil and coal that we burn in our power plants and use in our cars, and those companies stand to lose a lot of money if we use energy more efficiently and switch to cleaner sources.

SYLVESTER: The average American is responsible for twice as much greenhouse gas emissions as the average European, 20 times more than the average Indian.


SYLVESTER: The Bush administration downplayed this new report and said a U.S. program to cut emissions could hurt the U.S. economy and send businesses overseas. But a growing number of Capitol Hill lawmakers say this report is a wake-up call for policymakers who ignore this issue -- Lou.

DOBBS: Yes, it's hard to imagine anybody is ignoring this issue, after the climate of recent years has, one year after another, establishing new records for a warmer climate in this country. It's -- it's going to be fascinating to see what policy adjustments are made as we go forward, with now a clear consensus on global warming.

SYLVESTER: And we have a Democratic Congress, and this is a big issue for Democrats, Lou.

DOBBS: Absolutely. As it should be just for all of us, irrespective of political party. Thanks, Lisa. Lisa Sylvester

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