Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buchanan: Barack Obama is Adlai

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC going on a tirade about Barack Obama and West Virginia. Difficult to understand what he's said. He said Obama is Adlai.

He went on to say panelists on the program yesterday after West Virginia's Primary results were known called voters there poor and racist.

Matthews asks Pat to explain who has done so.

Buchanan couldn't.

Matthews says exit polls asked questions about the role race played in voting. Answers were forthcoming there.

Buchanan goes on to spout something about why isn't anybody calling 91 percent black voters who vote for Barack Obama racist...

He's lost, totally lost. Obama is the first black person, happens to be a man, who has captured the attention of voters in the Democratic Party and others to the point where he has a real chance to win the nomination of the Party. That's why more and more black people are now voting for him. Remember, Pat, they didn't at first.

That proves, it's not all about solely race for blacks voting for a black man.

so why'd Buchanan call Obama, Adlai?


And he's used the comment about Obama receiving 91 percent of the African-American vote before, to criticism by other panelists on Abrams' program...

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'Live with Dan Abrams' for March 12
Read the transcript to the Wednesday show

...BUCHANAN: Look, if Barack Obama thinks there‘s no correlation between the fact he‘s an African-American and his career has been so spectacular, he would be as delusional as George W. Bush saying the fact, he‘s president of the United States.


BUCHANAN: I don‘t care what he do or not. Had nothing to do with the fact that the first George Bush was president of the United States. Look, Barack Obama got 91 percent of the African-American vote in Mississippi. He was a state senator given a spectacular honor of keynoting the Democratic convention. Does anyone think that it had nothing to do with the fact that he‘s an African-American?

ABRAMS: Pat, I‘m literally having to stop Keli and Rachel from screaming.

BUCHANAN: Let them go, Dan. It‘s important that they go.

ABRAMS: Keli, go ahead.

GOFF: Pat, (INAUDIBLE) he didn‘t have securing the majority of the black vote and lead (ph) after South Carolina. So, to just make this blatant assumption, this generalization that he was winning all the black votes because of his being black is ludicrous...

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