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Blessed Week Without Joe Scarborough More with Mika

What are the chances of getting another full week of relief without Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe? Better than none. Lucky for us. Let's hope MSNBC wised up and determines this week to give the boot to hypocritical Scarborough, and renames the program accordingly. something like Squeeze Press with Mika. that sounds so good we might use it down the road so how about More with Mica or anything, just so long as it's Mika all the time, and Scarborough none of the time.

Scarborough showed his true colors when he had the opportunity of a lifetime to lay everything out on the table when both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton separately guested on his program two weeks ago, May 5.

We made a post about the 'interviews'

Monday, May 05, 2008
Joe Scarborough: Morning Joe Scam

Video of May 5, 2008 program segment

Scarborough had another interview with Clinton May 11th, 2007 which included a comment about gas prices at that time.


A candid conversation with Hillary Clinton
Presidential hopeful addresses Iraq, healthcare and rising gas prices
updated 3:16 p.m. ET, Fri., May. 11, 2007


A candid conversation with Hillary Clinton

SCARBOROUGH: Well, and you know the thing is, we’ve been through so much in the country and a lot of it not good. We had the Clinton wars, as you know very well, for eight years. We’re going to have eight years of the Bush wars. It doesn’t matter who’s to blame, we’ve been—OK, I’ll take part blame for the Clinton wars; ‘95, ‘96 not my best years—but there’s so much division in this country I really do think people are exhausted and they’re looking for a president that can unite the country.

Take, for instance, gas prices.


You know, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, you look at these gas prices and you’ve got to ask yourself, “Why have we as a country allowed ourselves to be held hostage to some very unstable countries and the people that export oil like Iran?”

Don’t you think that there’s so many issues like gas prices, like alternative fuels that, again, Republicans may have, you know, rolled their eyes about in 1992 or 193, but now it makes a lot of sense for all Americans for us to get smart on an alternative energy policy?

...SCARBOROUGH: Well, we’re very excited to have you here.

And also, let me just say, people we’ve been talking to this week that have talked about you said—like, for instance, Trent Lott said that he was very surprised that you kept your head down, you worked very hard. Again, a lot of people that probably said some very nasty things about you in the 1990s, extraordinarily impressed with the type of leadership you’ve provided since you’ve been in the Senate, how you have been a unifying force. And we want to thank you.

And, of course—who was it? Was it General McCaffrey that said—General McCaffrey I think said, or maybe it was Joe Klein, who said that he had asked a general, “Is there anybody in the United States Senate that understands the way you think?” And the general looked at him and he said, “You mean other than Senator Clinton?”


And, again, that has to do with keeping your head down and working hard and being a very unifying force. And we thank you for being with us. And I apologize for anything that I’ve ever said that may have been unkind about you or the president, and wasn’t really serious about that whole impeachment thing. It was really guys who recommended that I do that.

Apologist Joe Scarborough? Why? The Clintons deserved the criticisms back then.

And guess what? Scarborough was there for the entirety of NAFTA's signing by former President Bill Clinton. How'd he vote?

Ever since John McCain and Hillary Clinton came out with proposals to promise to enact a gas tax holiday for the summer months, Scarborough tended to side with giving the holiday. since Obama had taken a different approach, rejecting the holiday as hype, and proposing longer range planning (which to many itself would be objectionable government intrusion), Scarborough did nothing but highly criticize Obama. He more than criticized, he called Obama out-of-touch with the middle Americans, the working class, an elitist, etc.

Meanwhile, he praised McCain and Clinton for having the best interests of the "working class" men and women out there at heart. Nothing pandering about the proposals at all, nothing to see here, move on.

Then on the same morning, Scarborough has the chance to dig deeper into this major difference not only between Clinton and Obama but between McCain and Obama, and he doesn't dig not even half an inch.

With Obama, he was nearly speechless. Mica asked questions, and engaged with Obama.

With Clinton, who followed, Scarborough was near gushing over her. He was actually "apologetic" about his past actions regarding Bill Clinton!

How hypocritical of a conservative who rejects government might over individuals, government intrusion, government spending and over-spending.

The partial transcript doesn't include all of Clinton's comments.

Let's find that. She actually made a comment about how she was going to basically determine what size of a profit oil companies should make, she'd freeze their profit there, and seize the remainder of the 'windfall profits' to pay for the gas tax holiday! Of course, she didn't use the word 'seize' the profits, but that's exactly what her plan would do.

Not a peep from Joe Scarborough.

so we're glad, jubilant, really, Scarborough is out reportedly due to family arrival, any day now, of a baby.

Today, Mark Hanies keeps saying as others have before him: Morning Mica, Morning Mica. Several journalists appearing on the program have repeated this for the past week. Chris Matthews repeated he'd call the program, Morning Mica.

We still suggest Mica be the sole host in the morning, but the show doesn't have to be called Morning anything.

Oh no, Wesley Clark is a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Keeps him slightly off the VP listing for Obama, but really, not totally off. He'd be among the best choices for either of them. But how misguided was he to come out and support one or the other.


Poor judgement.

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