Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lanny Davis: Hillary Clinton Will Win Popular Vote

There's Lanny Davis appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe (where Joe Scarborough is blissfully for us absent for almost a month, blah blah, yah, yeah), spouting again, after Sunday, after Tuesday, with Hillary Clinton winning some contests, she'll be ahead in popular votes, and in a dead heat, or slightly under, the amount of delegates claimed by Obama.

Will this be over in a week?

Davis says you know we know you are in Clinton's camp.

Mika: our family is diverse we hold different positions.

2,210 the new magic number says Davis.

Davis continues predicting the future win of Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama against John McCain.

Don't we all wish we could predict the future like that, we'd all be betting behind the scenes, but hey, if we all won, there wouldn't be much to split, would there?

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