Friday, May 23, 2008

Buchanan: Barack Obama Pick Hillary or Explain Why Not

Pat, we have the answers. There are two.

Barack Obama will not pick Hillary Clinton as his Vice President because he has another woman he'd pick far and above the package called the Clintons.

Her name is Nancy Pelosi.

Could you imagine the first African American president and the first woman as Vice President, and the first ethnic sounding name with an "i" at the end - that's why, Pat. One reason.

Plus, Pelosi has made fairly clear her desires for the position early on by her pronouncements about the process Democrats use to choose a nominee for President.

It's the delegates, stupid.

Hillary Clinton will have her full run during the process the Democrats use and have used to choose a Democratic Party nominee for President.

Nobody is demanding Clinton 'drop out.'

That's been a media hype story to keep the intensity going and give the generous gift to Hillary she has needed.

She can play the victim instead of facing questioning about:

her Bosnia lies

her NAFTA lies

her health-care debacle (which she cannot defend because it does mandate all people purchase health insurance or suffer penalties - if that's not communistic nothing is)

her gas tax holiday pit.

While Obama should face as deep questions about his plans for the country, he isn't about to add double or quadruple to the hundreds of questions he'll face by choosing Clinton as his VP.

Not only would he have to explain how he could flip-flop on the meaning of the "politics of the past" which he's used in reference to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Administration, he'd have to explain to his supporters how he could choose a woman who used these words specifically in chastisement of him:

"Shame on you, Barack Obama, shame on you."

He'd have to explain that flier his campaign sent out which wallops Clinton on the issue of NAFTA. She stumped for NAFTA during her husband's administration, and Obama's campaign used her own words against her on that very prominent and hefty issue.

Then there's Bosnia and Clinton saying not only did she come under sniper fire there, her daughter, Chelsea accompanied her on the trip, and obviously must have faced the same sniper fire when alighting the airplane.

So even though no journalist asked Clinton why she would put her daughter in harm's way for an important political trip, Barack Obama isn't stupid. He understands inherent in her initial pronoucements about the Bosnia danger to her own self, were the dangers to her daughter.

And Obama would never ever put his own two daughters in harm's way, for any reason, unless unavoidable. He wouldn't allow his wife to take his daughters on a trip to a war-torn or terrorist-sponsor natiion and face danger, and it's unlikely he'd allow his wife that opportunity no matter the political gains to his wife.

So you see, Buchanan, Obama needs only say a few key words to explain "why not" pick Hillary Clinton. He can use any politically correct words he believes are necessary, but his main reason is the same reason Clinton continues to have a low favorability rating by at least half of the country.

Lie to me once, and that's why you won't get a chance to fool me twice.

PS Buchanan posed the question on MSNBC's Morning Joe, where Joe Scarborough for us is blissfully absent. While it's nice he's awaiting the birth of his baby, it's equally wonderful for us that he isn't on his own program.

He's a hypocrit, pure and simple.

He had the opportunity to set the records straight when he interviewed both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, separately, one after the other on May 5, 2008.

Our posts regarding the May 5 interview are in the archives section.

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