Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chris Matthews: Changes Mind Hourly Support Obama/Clinton Ticket

Again on Morning Joe. Mika B. hosting solo with co-anchors in tow, Mike Barnacle, Willie Geist. (Joe Scarborough awaiting the birth of a baby, is for us, blissfully absent for maybe week number four. We can hope the best for Joe on the personal level, well wishes, but hope MSNBC sees the light and lets Joe Go, permanently, no returns. He's had his chance, and he blew it big time during a non-interview of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on May 5, 2008. See our post about that)

She's a big plus in some states, Matthews says, but if he's gonna win in Virginia Montana, I'm not sure she helps, but she helps in the older states... older people... Hillary Clinton is more like us... seems less upper crust.

Here we go again.

She's doing well, Chris, in states where many Democrat white voter are stuck in the politics of the past, the far-far, past.

Matthews predicts Harold Ickes and other Hillary supporters will ask for it all during the rules committee meeting to determine the fate of Florida and Michigan.

Predicts her supporters will want to go to the credentials committee in July. She believes this is a one shot only.

Miller why not give clinton as much grief over her RFK comments as we all gave Obama over his bitter small-town America comments?

Surely, Mika B. sitting in for Joe Scarborough (blissfully for us for hopefully another week, the only reason whe're watching), should know by now the Clintons did get hold of certain FBI papers, people.

Papers they should not have obtained. They know things. And the Press knows things about the Clintons they have not yet revealed.

The only journalist, true journalist, who came clearly closer than any other to exposing the Clintons: Carl Bernstein.

he called the Clintons' tactics against Barack Obama: psychological warfare.

Net the Truth Online
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Carl Bernstein: Psychological Warfare Observed
During a CNN interview wherein David Gergen was a guest, and talking about the duo of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and the Wisconsin campaign and charges of plagiarism made within the last day concerning a Barack Obama speech, coming from the Clinton campaign, Carl Bernstein uttered the phrasing:

psychological warfare...


Check it out, and see if Berstein hasn't got it exactly correct, before he made the comment, and since. Watch the Clintons every move, every word.

Every argument the Clintons have made, including her comment about RFK and assassination is carefully, very carefully, crafted. There are no gaffes, they are too practiced. Both have ambition like any other we've witnessed or are likely to ever witness in the politics of the United States of America.

The first husband and wife team in the history of the United States to claim the ultimate prize in history, the Presidency of the United States, and the Press does not ever, not even once, except for Berstein, call them out for playing every card in the deck, their own deck.

The Press is nowhere near giving Hillary Clinton the same 'negative' coverage for her RFK assassination comment as they've given Barack Obama for his bitter white small-town voters. (By the way, it was Democrats Obama was talking about. It is Democrats Hillary Clinton is talking about and trying to convince)

What the Press has missed: Clinton's reference to the two examples she chose are simply historically inaccurate.

She had to have known her own history in 1992, known her husband had sewn up the nomination before June and there was nobody remaining in the race even close.

She had to know the history of the campaign of 1968, and known, back then, the campaign didn't even start until March, so by June things were pretty much just getting going, and RFK had the nomination sewn-up going into June, when his campaign was irrevocably stopped by an assassin's bullet.

To play up those two references as examples of campaigns going clear into June without a clear nominee is psychological warfare.

Bernstein should come out now and explain exactly how.

Net the Truth Online

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