Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan: Loyalty to the Truth

Now that's our kind of talk. Loyalty to the truth.

It makes our eyes tear up. Really does.

But what truth is McClellan telling.

The Bush Administration used "propaganda" to sell the idea to the public and to Congress that a threat was 'imminent' to the United States from Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the threat was imminent because Hussein possesses 'weapons of mass destruction?'

What is propaganda, but selling your position using only that information or material that proves your position is the correct position?

Now if McClellan can come up with proof, absolute proof, that nobody advising the President, nobody believed Hussein either possessed weapons of mass destruction or was near to possessing weapons of mass destruction then we'd say yes the truth is out.

But McClellan isn't saying that. All he's saying is propaganda was used by the Bush Administration to convince the public and the Congress to support the resolution to use force against Hussein/Iraq.

Misleading the public to go to war - is not enough. Every President who used any force, including Bill Clinton, misled the public.

Every single one.

McClellan needs to be asked point blank: Do you have any evidence George W. Bush was advised absolutely and with proof Saddam Hussein/Iraq had no resources to make weapons of mass destruction and/or Hussein/Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction?

Without that, McClellan's "this was propaganda" argument is not loyalty to the truth.

It's everything but.

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