Friday, May 09, 2008

Huffington Post Edits Out Article Material

Ooops, a no-no, right.

Print a retraction, or a correction, but to edit out material from an original article is very frowned upon in journalistic circles, serious ones, that is.

(Net the Truth Online)

Coffeecups and Gutterballs: A Precision Media Hit On Obama, A Pass For Clinton
Posted May 2, 2008

UPDATE: Two alleged statements by Clinton associate Mickey Kantor have been removed from this post. He says he never said the more extreme statement, and there's evidence the video we saw was doctored. So we take him at his word. Another phrase that he used, "these people are sh*t," seemed to refer to Indiana voters but is ambiguous. (Not that ambiguity would stop the press if they were determined to smear a candidate by association, as the Clinton team knows all too well.)

Kantor reportedly asked that the more extreme statement not be repeated, even as a retraction. Fair enough. We've honored that request, and have also removed the other one. We suggest that Clinton and McCain supporters likewise refrain from repeating scurrilous and false remarks about their opponents in the future, even if only to deny that they believe them.

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