Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Democratic Candidates on NAFTA

MSNBC Democratic debate

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Neither candidate as President would give NAFTA traders a 6-month opt out notice Day 1 in office.

Both would re-negotiate for concerns central to U.S. labor, environmental...

After the questions about health care and NAFTA the MSNBC questioner Tim Russert asks Obama about his pledging to opt into public campaign financing in the general election. How many times does he have to tell them: he's trying to get the Republican nominee, or presumptive nominee pinned down on that and come to some kind of agreement - when he is the nominee. Geesh. What doesn't Russert understand about that answer?

How many times do they have to ask about Clintons' joint returns? They are not going to give them up, period.

Why won't she release her tax return? Why not now? Upon becoming the nominee, or earlier. Before next Tuesday's primary? A little busy now.

Seriously, these questioners are just asking questions based on news occurrences throughout the past few days.

They should have spent the entire time on healthcare plans both candidates claim are universal health care, and NAFTA.

We still don't have all the differences, straight from the two candidates.

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