Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's the ballot question's fault

Fox News Sunday Fox 'n Friends interview debate style with two guests

University President wants courts to overturn affirmative action law... Prop 2: rife with voter fraud in Michigan, alleges guest. Passed Nov. 8, 2006. Voter fraud occurred, she said, because voters were told the proposition would protect affirmative action, was for affirmative action... that was deception...

Ridiculous said Max McPhail... if people didn't understand it they didn't have to sign it. Out of 508,000 who signed it, twelve came and testified they were deceived...

The measure was upheld

Affirmative action upheld at university

University of Michigan President Vows to Fight for Diversity Despite New Law
University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman said Wednesday that the school will go to court to defend its efforts to promote diversity in the wake of voter approval of a ban on some types of affirmative-action programs.

"Public universities are the doorways to equality in this country," Coleman said at the Michigan Union. "And we must keep those doors open to all." (See also: A Sober Day for Civil Rights: Michigan Bans Affirmative Action; 7 States Prohibit Same-Sex Marriage)

With 99.5 percent of precincts reporting by midday Wednesday, 58.1 percent, or 2,131,488 people voted "yes" on Proposal 2, and 41.9 percent, or 1,539,431 voters, were opposed.

I agree with McPhail. It's a new one to charge voter fraud occurred due to people not understanding the wording of a ballot initiative so they rely on somebody else telling them what it's about, then they vote accordingly.

That's idiotic, not voter fraud.

Wording on ballot initiatives or ballot questions in any state in the United States has been historically screwy.

Oftentimes, you have to vote yes to the question to actually reject the amendment or resolution!

The voter has to be familiar with the measure before going in to vote, or if unaware, just skip the question, it's that simple.

To charge voter fraud when it was negligent voters who were at fault is irresponsible.

Meanwhile, voter registration rolls across the nation remain inflated, filled with names of deceased and persons who have moved out of one state into another, such as Florida or New York. Those situations are ripe for vote tampering.

Read my Vote Fix for information and links.

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