Saturday, May 02, 2009

Glenn Beck Ignores Dangers Napolitano 2nd Federal Constitutional Convention

On Glenn Beck's program Saturday, Judge Napolitano said the federal income tax has to go as a way to stop government over-spending. He specified states can call a federal Constitutional Convention by submitting the same proposal to "abolish the income tax." He noted 34 states could make the call.

Glenn Beck's response, I like the idea, as a warning to Congress... we don't have to actually do it, but we have to put the fear in them and maybe they'll get the idea.

How sad. As soon as you turn your thoughts to the liberal and progressive coup of United States government with a Democrat President and majority Democrat Congress, and how to combat loss of liberty from those quarters, and soon enough with the help of the minority so-called conservative Republicans, along comes Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck stumping for a second Convention.

Is Beck unaware of the dangers a convention called by the states presents? (Yes.)

See our sidebar for information showing the dangers inherent in convening a second Federal Constitutional Convention. The precedent for a 'runaway' and unlimited convention if states call for one was set in 1787 to 1789 when the delegates to the convention veered from the stated purpose to convene (amend the Articles of Confederation) and instead presented an entirely new Constitution. The one the U.S. still has in operation.

Another little matter the delegates altered - a unanimous vote required to pass the document on for ratification!

Has Beck read enough history, obviously not. Had he been aware of the controversy over a second Constitutional Convention he'd have responded to Napolitano's idea far differently. He may have stuck to the best warning we can give these Congress-critters who spend unconstitutionally now and on unconstitutional programs now is a boot out of office next chance we have. Can't come soon enough for many.

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