Monday, January 07, 2008

Fayette Commissioners: Will Paper Ballot Opti-Scan Win Board Approval

Net the Truth Online will be attending the Fayette County board of commissioners meetings to be held in Uniontown at the 911 Building starting at 12:30 PM today.

Neither of the local newspapers have published an agenda for the Special Meeting, nor have they reported the board may be considering the issue of purchasing additional voting machines to add to a current county inventory of 265 Direct Recording Electronic Hart InterCivic eSlates.

We will be reporting what happens late afternoon, after the meetings to get a news jump on the locals.

Also, we'll be pursuing an upcoming story on how the 'absentee' paper ballots are handled. Will also be lobbying for the PA election laws to be changed to allow for "early voting." This measure could cut down dramatically any potential long lines at the polls, and as well, since paper ballots would be used, we would lobby for adoption of paper ballot optical scans to enable second-chance voting and a paper record.

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See our previous posts which include links to information concerning Lancaster County's websites, and links to how to use the Hart Intercivic paper ballot optical scan, eScan.

Previous posts covered as many factors as possible to urge the board members who had not yet expressed a preference to adopt the eScans in conjunction with retaining the one handicapped accessible eSlate per precinct.

Friday, January 04, 2008
Commissioners Aware Paper Ballot Optical Scan Issue

Originally entitled "commissioners deny paper ballot optica scan" unfortunately due to the way the information was presented in a newspaper article. It pays to do some private leg-work to get all of the record straight. Commissioner Zimmerlink had made it known publicly on WMBS radio station she supported acquiring only more DRE eSlates. Commissioner Vicites is not quoted as saying his preference was for only the eSlates, nor did he state publicly he would not consider the paper ballot with optical scan. Commissioner Zapotosky has not recently given his preference, though he did indicate a mere month-and-a-half ago, after the election, he would take a look at the paper ballot optical scan systems and actually thought about them when learning of reports of the long lines and chaos at the polls.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Commissioner denies citizens paper ballot optical scan

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