Monday, January 08, 2007

Rubin VoteHere stock options

VoteHere and John's Hopkins Study
David Dill

A large fuss is being made about a semi-undisclosed connection between Prof. Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins, who led the highly critical recent study of Diebold's voting machine security, and VoteHere, a company that has a cryptographic voter verification scheme.

Rubin was on the "technical advisory board" of VoteHere. In the high-tech corporate world, technical advisory boards are groups of experts who provide technical advice to the company. Members usually receive stock options for a small fraction of a percent of the company's equity.

I knew about Rubin's connection because it was on VoteHere's web page, and I thought it was generally well-known. Nevertheless, someone raised questions about it. According to Rubin's statement, he then remembered the long-dormant relationship, disclosed it, resigned, and returned the (currently worthless) stock options.

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