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Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root in Syndication

Root has recently been appearing on many Fox News Network programs, including interviews with the dynamic Neil Cavuto...

Cavuto interviewed VP Biden's economic policy analyst, yadayada, who could not answer what the Great Lakes Czar was responsible for accomplishing... he gave a sketchy answer about the goals of the "Stimulus Czar," appointed by President Barack Obama.

Cavuto interviewed South Carolina Governor on the recent state Supreme Court case wherein the Court ordered the state to accept the stimulus money from the federal government. Unbelievable. The Gov. said he wasn't going to appeal the decision.

As if those interviews weren't enough to make your stomach turn, Cavuto's next guest was Wayne Allyn Root who raised further concerns about government largesse, debt, and control of our individual lives and livlihoods.

A search produced the info about Root's syndicated radio program to air in select cities June 6. Following...

Ah yes, we also had to find controversy...

Independent Politcal Report Comments

OK Just a note to beware one of Root's first guests on his radio program will be Judge Napolitano. Recently, the Judge encouraged consideration of a states' initiated federal Constitutional Convention while appearing on the Glenn Beck program. We made a post and provided a link to discussion of this wholly bad idea and danger to our country at the time.

so we're just saying... beware... the Libertarian plank has at one time included just such a second Constitutional Convention...

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Independent Political Report Comments

Scott Lieberman // Jun 5, 2009 at 1:25 pm

To listen to the Wayne Allyn Root Radio show on a streaming feed on the Internet:


Noon-1pm Eastern Time

Go to…

and then click on “Listen Live”, which is in a red oval in the upper left part of the page.

"The Wayne Allyn Root Show" to debut nationally Sat., June 6
Root's First Two Guests Are 2008 Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News

LAS VEGAS -- Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee and a regular guest personality on FOX News and FOX Business networks, is declaring “W.A.R.” on big government beginning June 6, 2009 when “W.A.R.: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” debuts in Los Angeles and New York (with Chicago joining the lineup in two weeks).

Root's guests on his first show will be 2008 presidential candidate and 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee Dr. Ron Paul, and libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano of the FOX News Channel.

The weekly, one-hour syndicated talk show will be broadcast on political talk format radio stations on Saturdays in the three biggest markets in the country, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The program will be aired at noon on AM 970 The Apple WNYM in New Jersey/New York; 8 a.m. on Talk Radio 790 KABC in Los Angeles; and 9 a.m. on AM 560 WIND in Chicago (starting on June 20th). Additional markets are expected to be added in the coming weeks.

Root joins a star-studded lineup on these stations with the biggest names in talk radio: Sean Hannity (KABC), Mark Levin (KABC), Michael Savage (WIND), Bill Bennett (WNYM), Dennis Prager (WNYM), Michael Medved (WIND), Mike Gallagher (WNYM) and Joe Scarborough (KABC).

“The show will focus on politics, business and personal finance issues with a Libertarian point of view,” said Root who advocates a free market economy, dramatically smaller government, lower spending, lower taxes, reduced government regulation, and more freedom and individual rights.

Root described his unique persona: “I'm 'the ANTI-Obama.' I'm an S.O.B. - son of a butcher - small businessman, home-school father and citizen politician. My life experiences have made me a passionate, committed Libertarian and Capitalist Evangelist. I am proud to be adding my Libertarian flair to conservative talk radio. My hero was Barry Goldwater. I'd describe him as a Libertarian conservative. I look forward to returning conservative talk radio to its Goldwater roots.”

Root is regular guest on three of the biggest talk shows in America: “Savage Nation” hosted by Michael Savage, “The Jerry Doyle Show” and “The Mancow Show” with host Mancow Muller. He's appeared many times on FOX News Channel with hosts Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren and Judge Andrew Napolitano as well as appearances on CNBC. A tireless freedom crusader, he conducted hundreds of radio, TV and print interviews around the country during his campaign for Vice President. Now he's turning the tables and will be interviewing nationally-known personalities and pundits weekly on his new show.
Root is the author of seven books. His latest is The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns Gambling & Tax Cuts!, to be published on July 20 by John Wiley & Sons and available at

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